20.06.2017 05:09

Joe Drumheller

sounds interesting, think I might have to join you.

20.05.2017 10:17

Deborah Mahmoudieh

Universal Intelligence is HERE but no one wants to KNOW ABOUT IT! A Plea For The Holy Land! & & https://www.yout

16.05.2017 06:37

rebecca phelps

Thank you

07.05.2017 05:58

Justin Vance

I just heard your 2016 podcast with Rex on Leak Project. I am excited to dive into more on your site here. Thank you for sharing such truly valuable information and also a very commendable attitude!

24.04.2017 03:57

Rubi Henry

Interesting.....I'll like to know more about age regression...

25.02.2017 04:13

Lynn Abraham

Wow Aage Love the angelic look you got going on awesome .😊

15.02.2017 12:35

JoyceAnn Bordelon did you do that?...can I do this?

17.02.2017 05:13


You can do everything I can do, you just have to know "How". Much of that is in my book on Spiritual Science

23.01.2017 16:04


question-have you taken two aura photos straight after each other to see if theyre the same?

23.01.2017 15:47


you have been on leak project or something on youtube. when you imaine and change time(rather something that happened, not actual time changing) a new timeline is not created. you only change what hap

23.01.2017 15:51


im fixing a spelling mistake-imagine not imaine.
anyway continue. . . pened or how they remember it. you might argue-how do i know cos i will forget the old timeline. nah it doesnt affect you. not in

10.01.2017 20:06


Keep studying. Read. And then practice what you learn. You will learn what you are ready for at the time. You will read more, but will not accept what you are not ready for. Open the mind.

10.01.2017 18:58


I have so many questions mind is all over the place. Am I in an awakening state of mind now at my age. Where do I place my energy, to whom do I follow??? Help pls I'm scared. I'm going to miss out.

10.01.2017 20:02


Read and study Kathy. You are experiencing new information that conflicts with the old mind programing. That is good. Follow no one, but learn from many. Only follow yourself. Look at my book.

19.12.2016 17:25

Melissa J. Schwab

I Am extremely intrigued

14.12.2016 18:40


This is the other refererence you sent me.

09.12.2016 23:21

Isabel Houiellebecq

Hi, nice that I found the way here, please excuse my English, I am swiss 😉

08.12.2016 12:04

Christina Veselik

Awesome Interview on Leak Project!

07.12.2016 09:51

Theodora Makres Sayne

I believe in the aura of lights. Saw multi colored lights in the kitchen window of my farther -in-laws home at forty days of his passing. The GreekvOrthodox & Russians believe we are here 40 days.

07.12.2016 17:29


Maybe the Greek and Russian Ortodox are on to something. After passing pretty much everyone attends their own funeral. They are in the lower Astral vibration, slightly higher then our Physical

02.12.2016 07:05

Charles mills

Interested in minedfulness

02.12.2016 06:43


I came here to connect the dots I once made a connection with my spiritual self then I lost it and I'm trying to work my way back but I don't know where to start

02.12.2016 18:42


You have already started. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Go within and someone will reach for your hand. Check my book on Spiritual Science. It lays out a path with explanations

28.11.2016 04:03

Jonathan Shore

I would like to know what the anti aging enzyme is? This enzyme stops the shortening of the Telomeres at the end of the Chromosomes. I would also like to read your article on immortality.

13.11.2016 12:31

Leonardo Flores

....I liked your article on ...Immortality ! ..... I would like to share some ideas on the subject and maybe you could do a follow up on the article.... Tanx ! ...

15.11.2016 00:55

Aage Nost

Hey Leonardo, get in touch with me at

14.11.2016 02:01

Aage Nost

Yes Leonardo, there will be an other article on it later. That will more directed to Epigenetics and how out thinking and what we allow to be in our mind control how we Age and our health. E-Mail me

12.11.2016 12:26

Theodora Makres Sayne

Interesting. Will follow

10.01.2017 19:24


What Aage says make perfect sense to me. I know this from personal experience. I am looking for so many answers. Death, where we go. So many new, to me new, things have been coming up in my life.

01.11.2016 10:29


Thanks. I had kirlian photo taken of my hands before and after giving healing and the patterns had changed.

20.09.2016 16:30

Sandie Hartley

Amazing. . .!!!!!. .I remember when Kirlian Photography was first discovered by the Kirlian brothers in Russia. . . .We were all running around having photos taken of our hands to see the colours .

20.09.2016 20:09

Aage Nost

Yes, 25 years ago I had a Kirilian Photo "camera" I was playing around with. I even took a picture of my dog's paw. It was bright blue. The science has been much developed since than.

23.08.2016 14:10

Teresa Montgomery

I was looking for the photo of Jesus.

23.08.2016 18:35


The picture is on the very last page 22 of the Photo Gallery

01.07.2016 12:47

Terry Alexander

01.07.2016 01:16

Rozellia Boland