Nov. 20, 2015


TELL ME WHAT KIND OF COMPANY you keep for any period of time, and I will tell you what kind of person you are. 

It goes along with the old principle of Universal Law which states that: "You Will Become Like The People You Associate With".  By "Osmosis" you will absorbe their habits, learn and accept their thinking, and draw on their vibration.  So pick your friends and relatives carefully [oh yes, you can pick who you associate with among your relatives].  Associate with the best, and you will be the best.   To associate does not necessarily mean in person.  It  can be through reading your mentors' books, watch their videos, listen to their speeches, follow them on Facebook and any other way to get close to them you can think of.  Read something positive for at least 20 minutes every day.  Remember:  "Readers are leaders."  And - - yes, are not these Cheetah kittens cute?


10.07.2017 08:43

Allan Clark

I keep company with my Mother and girl friend at home. Also have many friends on internet from all over the world. Most are metaphysical people with healing and altruistic motives.