Nov. 21, 2015


I DO NOT SPECIFICALLY favor complaining about the "System of Things" much any more, because no one really cares and it upsets a lot of people.  BUT, it is kind of the same as the concept of pain.  Pain is good, because it is how the body tells you that something is wrong.  Pain is a symptom of a cause, and without pain, we may never know there is anything wrong before it is too late.

So, why are we thinking any different about finances and life in general?  Look around you.  More than 48,000,000 - - fourty eight MILLION people are on  Food Stamps.  That is one out of six persons in the country.  Every one knows kids do not get Food stamps, so for adults, that means one out of four adults are on Food Stamps.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?  The problem is not the corrupt politicians.  The politicians are only the symptom of the real problem. The real problem is - - us.  There is a Mental Illness rampant among the general populas.  The illness is called: APATHY.  Ifyou are one of the lucky ones who are able to live well, go on vacations, send your children to college and all the other things we love to do, enjoy it while you can.  Things will change.  If you are one of the several Million homeless people in America, or are barely scratching by, quit doing what you do - - do something different.  What you are doing is not working.  Engage the Mind.  Not the one you are fed through TV and other media.  As a people, we have grown "fat - dumb - and lazy".  This is not just an American problem.  It is a Global problem created by a very well executed Master-plan for global domination.  The politicians are given a "blank  check" to do what ever they are bribed to do.  And we do nothing - - except keep believing what they tell us, and re-electing them. 

So, what is the solution ?  First, I must explain what is NOT the solution.  Violence and an armed revolution is not the answer.  Violence only breed more hatrage and violence.  If there was to be  an armed revolution in America, millions of people would get murdered.  Up to twenty Million people would get shipped off to concentration camps already built, staffed, equipped with food and guilliontenes, and are ready to take in people.  

So - -again - - what is the solution.  There is not one solution.  There are many, and they all start in the Mind of - - YOU.  You created all this mess by your inaction and lack of thought at a higher level of Consciousness.  I remember a Star-Trek movie when Jon Luke Picard was standing on the bridge of the Enterprise, looking at the Borg Cube, and they were about to blow him to pieces.  He said: "I would rather out-think the enemy than out-fight him".  So, out-think yourself.  Everything starts in the Mind.  We live in a Mind Created Universe.  Your Mind creates your environment.  Start visualizing the life you like to have, the environment in your country, actions of NEW politicians in government [because you voted all the old ones out], and while you keep doing this every day - - do whatever you are able to do to support your thoughts with action.  This engages the Master-Mind principle which is: "when two or more Minds are united in harmony, they create a third mind which has the potential mind power of the two or more of them multiplied by each other".  Thoughts are things.  It has energy, when it is supported by INTENTION.  When you think of something with vivid mental pictures, emotion, intention, love, a visualized time line, you have given it a low form of life on a higher level of Consciousness.  Think about it and visit it every day, and you will be traveling up this time line to this "thing" or situation in the future - - and if you keep doing what you can to help it physically, you will walk in to it when the linear time catches up. 

For those of you who think everything is OK, I will give you something to think about: 

HENRY FORD said:  "It is perhaps well enough that the people of the nation do not know or understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning".  WHAT DO YOU THINK HE MENT ?

GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH said in an interview with Sara McLendon:  "Sara, if the American people ever found out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us".  WHAT DO YOU THINK HE MENT ?

ADOLF HITLER said:  "How convenient for rulers that peopple do not think".  WHAT DO YOU THINK HE MENT ?

To understand more about this, you will do well in reading my book on Spiritual Science and Higher Conscious Thinking, further down on the blog.

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