Nov. 25, 2015


FOR THE SEEKER, Meditation is the gateway to the Universal Mind.  When you seek it, it becomes aware of you, and will try to match your vibration.  If you know how to communicate in the non physical language of the Spiritual worlds, it will react to your requests.  If it is, or can be, in your Master-plan for this lifecycle, what you ask can be granted.  The language of the Spiritual worlds, is not one of words.  It is one of vivid visualized olorful pictures, emotion, intention, Love, geometry, matematics and a few other things.  This Universal Mind - Consciousness can be best accessed through Meditation.  That is why most super successful people take time for themselves - in solitude and quiet contemplation - Meditation.  Everyone should do this.  Even if you are really busy.  It will open up a new world for you.  I have a saying: "Everyone should Meditate for at least 20 minutes every day, unless you are too busy.  If so, you need to Meditate for an hour. 

A good way to learn about Meditation and what you can create by doing it, is to read the book at: 

Have a good journey