Nov. 26, 2015

VEGETARIAN OR MEAT EATER - What is the difference?

ARE YOU A VEGETARIAN?  ARE YOU A MEAT EATER?  What is the difference?  What is more natural for humans?  Look at our teeth.  we have vegetarian teeth.  We have no large K-9 teeth to tear apart meet.  Look at our digestion tract.  It is very long and designed for vegetarian food.  Look at the digestion tract of a cat.  It is short and digestion is quick.  When we eat meat, it takes a long time to travel the digestion tract, and  often rots before it leaves.  The rotten food created poison in the intestines, and that is absorbed into the blood stream - - and there is more - - - - - .

A study at Harward Labratory of Psychology show that a meat diet produces an accelerated heart rate of 25 to 50 percent, which can last for 15 to 20 hours.  This is why so many heart attacks happens a half hour after a heavy meal.  People with a weak heart or clogged arteries should not eat meat.  It is dangerous. 

Besides, the world is quickly going in to a food shortage.  Think of this:  Spinach can produce up to 26 times more protein per acre than beef can.  A cow must produce 21 pounds of protein to produce 1 pound for human consumption.  The food we eat should be Natural and Raw.  When you cook the food, you kill it.  When you freeze the food, you kill it.  I have a saying. "WHEN YOU EAT LIVE FOOD, YOU GET LIFE.  WHEN YOU EAT DEAD FOOD, YOU GET DEATH."  Raw vegetarian food will lengthen your life expectency considerably.

So, - - - - - now what?