Nov. 27, 2015



Where does it come from ?  What can it do ?  There are thousands of people who has used the Power of the Mind to cure just about anything.  It is not communicated to the world much, because there is not much money in it.  Dr. Joe Dispensa MD, from Olympia Washington, who healed his "incurable" medical condition after an accident, using only the Power of the Mind, explains it well.  In 1986, he had an accident where his spine was shattered.  The attending physicians who treated him gave him, basically no chance of ever walking again - - his spine was shattered and the central nerve broken.  The only thing the doctors suggested was a very risky surgery, which had shown very little results in the past.  Dr. Dispensa said "No thank you", and left the hospital, against the physicians advice and strong objection.  When he got home, he started to reconstruct the spine in his mind.  He had a good understanding of the structure and makeup of a healthy spine, so he spent several hours each day visualizing the end product - - a rebuilt and healed spine.  LESS THAN 10 WEEKS AFTER THE ACCIDENT, HE WAS FULLY RECOVERED.  He never had a body cast.  He went back to work 10 weeks after his accident.  He was exercising and lifting weights at 12 weeks.  By his "Power of Thought", strong intention, emotion, vivid visualized mental pictures of a rebuilt and healed spine, he reconstructed and rebuilt the crushed bones and cartilage back to its normal and healthy condition.

How can this happen ?  We need to remember what we are.  Quantum Physics has proven we live in a Mind created Universe.  We are living in something similar to a Hologram.  We are all Mind.  All we have to do is to "change our mind, by changing the Hologram.  When we remember that, it makes perfect sense.  Dr. Dispenza explains it as similar to the "Placebo Effect".  He states: "A certain percentage of those people will accept, believe and surrender without analysis, to the thought that they are receiving the real healing substance or treatment.  As a result, they will program their Autonomic nervous system to manufacture the exact same pharmacy of drugs to match the real substance of treatment.  We can make our own antidepressant and painkilling medicines.  Healing is not something that takes place outside of you." 

Dr. Dispenza wrote a book describing his healing, and many other people's experiences of "Healing by the Power of the Mind".  It is called: "You are the placebo: Making Your Mind Work." 

I have a saying:  "When it comes to the Power of the Mind, the facts don't count".  You can make your claim, visualize it in your mind, spend the time seeing it in your Mind, and you will observe the effects.