Nov. 28, 2015


IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE  that is is possible that something of our "essense" survives the physical termination, you need to have a look at this one video.  After you see it, come back and read the rest of this.  Go to:

Yes I know.  Absolute everything can be faked these days.  Still, on the bases of what I know and have seen, this is plausable.  Even the slowing down makes sence.  In the Physical existence, space and time is as you see it.  Outside of the Physical, time is different.  The lower Astral worlds still has time, but can be controlled by the mind - - to some extent .  In the higher vibrations, time does not exist.  Past, present and future is all existing in the present as potentials for creation.  In this video, something in your mind does not fully understand how to match our expression of linear time.