Nov. 28, 2015



This experiment will give you an idea of what it will feel like to have an "Out of Body Experience", without being out of the body.  You can have the visualized sensation of the same, just not the same sensation of sight - - in the beginning.  It is also a good practise for visualization.  This is good practise for doing some of the things I speak about in my book: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access The universal Consciousness".  Without thinking much about it, I am sure most of you know what you look like - - what clothes and jewlery you have on, your hair style and things like that.  Before you start the experiment, I suggest you go and take a really good look in the mirror.  When you actually look at yourself, you will know why I said that.  You will very likely find something you did not remember. 

Now, go and sit in a comfortable chair.   Close your eyes.  Try to empty your mind.  Sit there for a minute or so to relax.  Do not move from the chair.  With your eyes closed, visualize yourself slowly raising up from the chair.  Take a step forward and turn around - - still with your eyes closed.  Visualize yourself looking down in to the chair, seeing yourself sitting in the chair.  See the hair, your face, your hands resting in your lap.  Look for details in how you look.  Visualize yourself standing there looking at yourself for 30 seconds to a minute.  Than turn around, take a step back and sit down - - back in to yourself.  Sit there for a minute, and reflect on what you did.  This exercise speeds up your ability to be able to visualize effectively.  Keep practising, and you will know why I suggested for you to do this. Please let me know what your experiences are.

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