Nov. 29, 2015


NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOOW what he looked like, except for the ones who do a little digging.  Yes - -  DIGGING - -  is what needs to happen, because the church do not want you to know, because it will bring up questions they do not want to answer.  Many say he vnever existed, because there is nothing that can tie him directly to history outside of Biblical writings.  That is a good point, but there is enough writing about him, ouside of biblical writings, to know he did exist.  If he was such a central figure at the time, why is there not more written about him ?  Still there was much more written about him than we are told, but it was omitted from the stories covered in 325 at Nicea [Konstantinople] when the first draft of the Bible was written, and later at the counsel of Hippo. Since than, it has been scooped up by the Catholic Church and "filed away" in the Vatican archives so no one can see it.  WHY IS THAT ???  Well, he was a totally different man than we have been lead to believe.  He did actually stay with the Essenes at one of the "Mystery schools" in Egypt for at least 10 years - - more likely close to 20 years, before he travelled to India and several other places. 

So, how do we know what he looked like ?  There are 2 pieces of paper that gives the answers.  The reason no one seems to know about this, is that the church does not want you to know.  From the description, HE WAS NOT A JEW.  He was an ISRAELITE.  There is a huge difference.  One of the papers giving a description of what he looks like is his "Wanted poster" that the Romans circulated when they found out that he was traveling around Judea, speaking to groups of prople, trying to entice an uprising against the Romans.  The Romans had a "dim view" of that.  The other paper describing him is an appendix to the "Cumran Scrolls" / Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Dead sea Scrolls speak of him being tall, strong, his hair being as the "ripe field of grain" and his eyes as the "sky of the mid day".  from that you can make your own conclusion.  If you really want to know what his life was like, who he was, what he did, where he went on his travels, and even if he did survive the cruisifiction, you should get the book:  "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To AccessThe Universal Consciousness".  To know more of the REAL life of the man, go to: