Dec. 1, 2015


SUCCESS IS AN ELUSIVE "ANIMAL".  Everything in this universe starts in the Mind, so for those who do not know how to think for Success - - they will be left behind.  Success is an individual thing with its individual definition.  It is all founded in successful principles.  These Success Principles are always constant, and can be relied on.  That is why I wrote the book: "UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES AND HOW BILLIONAIRES THINK".  Here are some of the principles and habits of the super successful people in the world:

1.    Super successful people understand that there is two things which goes to the bank.  One is money, and the other is goodwill, and they have equal value at different times.

2.    They know there is no such thing as a "Self made man".  We all depend, need and rely on eachother.

3.    They create a "Master-Mind" group.  It is based on the principle of: "When two or more minds are united in harmony, they create a third mind which has the potential mind power of the two or more of them multiplied by eachother".

4.    They create an "Inner Circle" for advice and association.  The people in the "Inner Circle" are highly trusted and loyal people with the same dream the they have.

5.    They Brainstorm with the "Master-Mind" group and the "Inner Circle" at least once per week, often once per day.

6.    They stay away from negative people like the plague, and very choosy about who they associate with - - including family. 

7.    They are constantly expanding their Mind by taking Mind development courses, reading and listening to positive uplifting material.

8.    They always read, listen to or watch something positive before bedtime.  It may not necessary be connected to their work.

9.    They welcome challenges, because they know that from challenges new creations emerge.

10.  They are kind, fair and honest with people who depend on them and they depend on.

11. They are not afraid to take chances based on favorable calculated risks.

12.  They spend time alone in Meditation or Quiet Contemplation listening for higher guidance and knowledge.

13.  They love what they do.  Remember the saying: "Find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life".

14.  They have a very strong belief in the Power of the Mind. 

15.  They know that you do not have to know everything to start something.  Once you start something, you can figure out how to do it while you work to accomplis it.

16.  They have a strogn and colorful emotional dream of what they want to accomplish.  They visualize the dream fully accomplished and in its compleeted form in the future, during a time-coded event.  Than they go back and forth visiting this compleeted dream, in their mind, every day to solidify the time-line to it.

17.  When there is a challenge, they sit down and Brainstorm the challenge with their "Master-Mind" group and "Inner Circle" and analyze the challenge.  They break the challenge up into smaller parts / sections.  It is easier to solve smaller individual sections of a large challenge, than the big challenge all at once.  Once they understand the challenge and its individual parts, they no longer think much more about the challenge.  They just bury themselves in the challenge solving process.  They know: Focus on problems, you get problems.  Focus on solutions, you get solutions.

18.  They are never realistic, because in their book, there is no such thing as "can't".  The word "realistic" comes from the word "realize".  Break up the word and sound it out.  Sound to me like - - "real lies".

19.  They always think "out of the box" and are often unpredictable. 

20.  They keep a voice recording device with them at all times, so when they get ideas or remember something that has to be done, they can speak it in on the recording device for later transcript.

21.  They know they are being watched every hour of the day, so they are careful with how they conduct themselves.

They:  watch their thoughts - because they become their words

           watch their words - - - because they become their actions

           watch their actions - - because they become their habits

           watch their habits - - - because they become their character

           watch their character because that becomes their destiny.

22.  They do what ever they know how to do to stay healthy.  It is often the wrong thing, but they try.

23.  They know that the success of the next day, starts the night before - - or earlier, so they start planning and visualizing the successful outcome of the next day, the evening before.

24.  They reflect on the day they had with Gratitude, Appreciation and give Thanks - - including for things which did not work, because they learned from it.

25.  When they go home, they disconnect from work, except for emergencies.

26.  They spend Quality time with their family.  Quality always over Quantity.

27.  They try to get most of their work done in 8 hours, except for Special Projects which no one else can do.

28.  They plan the evening to get enough sleep, and adjust for sleep cycles so you always wake up rested.

29.  They watch videos, listen to speeches and read material from successful people to get in their mind

30.  They spend time visualizing a successful outcome of the next day, the next week, the next month and longer.

31.  They have worked out Positive Affirmations they say over and over again during the day and as they fall asleep at night.

32.  When there is something they really want, they never take NO for an answer until they have at least asked three times.

33.  They are very generous and donate to many worthy causes - - and many worthy people. 

34.  Many of the Super Wealthy and Successful people have fornd that when you work by Universal Success Principles, the details will fall into place by themselves.

If you are in business, like to be in business, or just like to be more effective and successful at what you do, you should consider reading the rest of what is in the book.

I did not write this book for the masses, but for the few who like to do great things for themselves and for mankind.   The book is in two sections.  The first section is the "nuts and bolts", and the second section explains why the first section works so well.  

Here is the book: