Dec. 6, 2015


ASCENSION is one of those things it is difficult to "wrap our heads around".  The Christians have a related term for it: the "Rapture".  What if there is a scientific explanation we can understand - - today. 

Before we can even think of trying to understand it, we must understand what the Universe, everything we see around us, and what we, ourselves, are.  We hear of people who have been observed in two places at the same time, or turned into a bright light and Ascended in front of other people.  And the first thing that comes to mind is: "Yeah, sure".  Than again, there is this old movie clip from back in the 1930's, showing a monk turning in to a blazing bright white light and Ascending in front of everyone there. 

Let me give you something to think about, and than I will ask you a question: "Science has found that matter and energy can not be created from - - Nothing.  But, than again, some of the sharpest people on the planet, like Professor Steven Hawking from Cambridge University in England, and most other Pheoretical Physicists, agree that this whole Universe we are living in is {not was} created from - - Nothing.  If the whole Universe and everything in it is created from - - Nothing, and you are living in this Universe created from - - Nothing,  - - WHAT ARE YOU? 

Could we be just - - Nothing?  When we speak of - - Nothing, we mean Nothing physical.  Well, most of us would say - - "Yes but - but - but - I can see "stuff".  I cut myself peeling potatoes the other day, and it hurt.  If Quantum Physics and Spiritual Science is correct, there is nothing outside of you.  Since we still see things - - but we are nothing, there is only one thing that can do that, and it is THOUGHT.  Quantum Physics has found that we live in a Mind Created Universe, and yes, we can see things but it is only a Mind Created Projection in Holographic Form.  And it seem so solid and so real, because two different substances vibrating in the same frequency range, will seem solid to each other.  That is also why "Ghosts" do not seem solid.  They are vibrating at a higher frequency out of the visual and physical range. 

Everything outside of us [not our Physical bodies, but the real us - - which is Mind / Spirit / Sooul] is a Mind Created illusionary movie, and you are the "star" in it.  Let me give you something else to think about.  As proof of the fact that the Mind can create absolute anything, I want to mention Hypnosis.  If I sat you down in a comfortable chair, put you in to a deep Hypnotic state, told you that when you would wake up there would be an Elephant standing next to you in the room.  If I did my job right, when you would wake up, there would be an Elephant standing next to you.  The onnly "trick" to it is that only you would be able to see the Elephant.  You could reach out and touch the trunk of the Elephant, and it would feel solid to you.  Meanwhile, I can not see the Elephant - - obviously, because there is no Elephant there.  To you, the Elephant is real.

Knowing this, it should tell you what you are, what the Universe and your surroundings are. 

Within this concept is where Ascension and the "Rapture" lies.  Everything you see and experience is Mind Created, and when you understand that you are the one who created it - - as a part of the Universal Mind - - you can also alter your Holographic Projection you are walking around in.  You can direct it more to your liking.  If you have full Conscious and Subconscious understanding and belief that both you and everything outside of you can be altered - - at your will, SO BE IT.   You can make it happen.  If you feel you have learned everything you came to this "ball of mud" called Earth for, you can leave.   Since your Physical body and everything in your Physical surroundings are in your Mind, all you really have to do is to "CHANGE YOUR MIND", and take everything with you to a Higher Vibration.  This is attainable for everyone through Spiritual Awareness / "Illumination", also called "Siddhi Consciousness".  That is when you have full knowledge of being ONE with the Universal Consciousnes, and able to bring it to Conscious Understanding.  At that stage, you are only Mind.  The physical is irrelvant, and you only keep it for purposes of interaction with your environment.  You be surprised, there are people who has reached this stage, but they do not advertise - - -

There is more that can be told, and I have written extensively on this in my book.  Many of your answers to your Spiritual advancment you just might find there.  You see, truth is simple.  I have made the book simple to understand. 

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