Dec. 8, 2015


YES, IT CAN BE PROVEN.  Still, it is an individual thing.  It is like going to prison or dying.  No one else can do it for you.  It has to be proven to you, even though science can prove there is "Life After Death".  Quantum Physics has proven it already, by verifying there are multiple Paralel Universes next to each other.  Spirituality is different than Religion.  Religion more or less dictate what people MUST believe in order to be part of their "Order" and have access to God - - their God - - the only true God.  If the people do not believe a certain way, the leaders of the church excommunicate them from their church or in some cases - - kill them.  Is it not amazing, accordin to the United Nations, there are some 3,000 Religions on Earth.  With a few exceptions, most of these religions believe all the other 2,999 are false religions, and only their religion is the right one. 

Spirituality encourages you to learn and grow at your own rate.  It allows you to have your own experiences, and advance up the "Spiritual ladder" to higher Spiritual capacity without demands on you to think and believe in a certain way.  You are being guided both from within and without.  There will be books to read about other peoples experiences, and teachers to point the way, but you choose the way you want to go.  There is a saying that has been around for well over 3,000, and it is: "There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but there is only one top".

If anyone asks me to prove something within the concepts of Spirituality, I will refer them to the pages of Quantum Physics - - which actually does prove much of what we will learn.  The Multiverses has been proven.  "Life after Death" has been proven.  If all the evidence was taken in to a Court of Law and litigated in front of a Jury, there would have been a ruling in the favor of "Life After death" a long time ago.  What is left, is to fill in the details.  There are thousands of pictures and videos of disembodied people [Ghosts] to support the equations of Quantum Physics. 

The real proof is in the experience, and it does not take that much of practise to start having experiences of your own.  Whatever we believe, if it attached to emotion, it is difficult to brake away from the effects of the saying: "Don't confuce me with the facts, my mind is already made up". 

A great Spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, said: "To him who has had the experience, no explanation is necessary.  To him who has not had the experience, none is possible".

Please enjoy.  Join me on the journey towards the Light, the Paranormal, the Unusual on our way home.