Dec. 10, 2015


WAS THE MOON LANDINGS FAKED?  You deside for your self.  There has been soo much photographic evidence and testimonies from people involved in the faking of the Moon Landings, that it is hard to deny any more.  Of course, knowing a little about Science and Astro Physics will help in understanding it all.  The little "tin can" they were supposed to have flown from here to the Moon, and back, could not have done it with people in it.  Getting beyond the "Van Allen Belt", to the Moon and back safely, is not possible.  The radiation would most likely kill them, or if they were lucky and avoided most of the radiation from the Sun, it would at least have damaged their bodies severely.  But no one talks about that.  The Space vehicle had NO Farraday Cage or Plasma Shielding, which would have been necessary to avoid the radiation.  Yes, the Americans are heavily infested on the Moon, but they did not travel there in the "tin can" we were told.  They used similar transportation as the one in the picture enclosed.  It is a Haunebu III, and the Americans captured two of these from the germans at the end of the WWII. 

Some are saying this interview is fake.  I do not know either way, but looked enough into it to think there is something to it.

That is why you should read this interview with the man who filmed the Fake Moon Landing.  Right before his death, he confessed.  Here is the web link: