Dec. 11, 2015


THE ESTABLISHMENT has always told us that people in the antiquity of time were ignorant and violent, and that society have never been more advanced.  If you still believe that, read the 4,500 year old quote below by Ptah Hotep, from Egypt:

"Do not be conceited about your own knowledge  Take advice from the ignorant as well as the wise  since there is no single person who embodies perfection  Nor any craftsman who has reached the limit of excellence   The perfect word is rare as an Emerald yet it may be found among the maidservants working at the millstone"  [And yes, there are no periods or breaks between the sentences.  Back than periods did not exist]

Wise words, Yes.  We do not hear people speaking in these terms these days.  There were ignorant people in the distant past, but not as many as today.  Now, we have whole nations dumbed down and totally "asleep" to anything they have not heard on radio or TV.  There were violence in the distant past, but not as much as today.  In the years of 1900 to 2000, nearly one half of a Billion people were murdered / killed by governments, wars, revolutions, international "police action" [a recent invention by the USA], ethnic cleansing. The rulers and governments of today have thought of ways to enslave people, like no one in the past wold have ever dramed of. 

I think the answer lies in a quote by Adolf Hitler:  "How convenient for rulers that people do not think."

Read history, my friend, and you will avoid some of the pitfalls of the future, and you will shorten your journey to Enlightenment.