Dec. 15, 2015


MEDITATION IS SIMPLE.  And yes, you can do it.  If you do, there will be a day when you will look back and be glad you did.  Here is why:  It will help you structure your mind and deliver access to higher knowledge.  Meditation has great health benefits.  It lowers your blood pressure, relieves stress, calms the mind, and if you do some visualization and programing of the mind while in Meditation, it can heal just about any ailment you may harbor.  It has been used by the Masters of the Mind for Thousands of years, and has nothing to do with religion.  In prctising Meditation, it will help you get rid of the unwanted thoughts and "private conversations" running at 90 miles per hour in your head all the time.  Staying focused is usually something people have a hard time with.  And, being able to focus is involved in Meditation.  We focus on NOTHING, and having NO thoughts in our mind.  This is not easy, but there are some methods and tricks which will make it a lot easier. 

When I started Meditation many decades ago, the teachers just told us to sit down and think about Nothing.  They said that whatever happened was good.  Well, that is true, but they did not really tell us much of how to do it.  There are some mind techniques that will help you get to the "top of the mountain" a little sooner.

Slowing the mind down was the hardest part for me.  It was running 120 miles per hour, with gusts to 540 miles per hour { I am a pilot, remember}.  Later a Martial Art master told me a trick to help slowing the mind down.  It was so simple it took me all of 45 seconds to learn it.  He told me to sit down with my head balanced, look stratght ahead, think over and over again several times: "My mind is stillllllllllllllllll."  He said to dwell on the letter "L" as the last letter in the word "still", and draw it out.  Than, as I was looking straight ahead, I would cross my eyes very clightley.  Not so much that it hurts, but just a little bit.  Both the drawn out "L" and the crossing of the eyes will give the mind something to do which does not take thought to do.  This dulls the mind, and the mind goes still.   If unwanted thoughts pop in on you, just repeat in your mind: "My mind is stillllllllll.  The mind shoould go quiet again.  I started doing that, and it worked for me.  After a short while of practise, I could have total silence in my mind for long periods of time.  When you go about it this way, you develop much Alpha Brain Waves with all its relaxing and healing effects.

If you want to program the Universal Consciousness for something favorable to happen in your existence, this is the time to do it, in Meditation.  When the mind is still, and the clutter of "private conversations" in your head is gone, you have opened up a path from your Conscious Mind through the Subconscious Mind and through the Super Conscious Mind right to the Universal Consciousness.   If you have a "Mantra" or something you want to have happen in your existence, say it over and over again at the beginning of the Meditation as you go into it.  At the end of the Meditation, as you are coming out of it, you should repeat it in the same manner.  This "message" you are repeating in Meditation must be convayed together with strong emotion, visualized colorful images, Love, and seeing other people enjoying what you are asking for.  This is the "Language" of the Spiritual world.  Words are basically worthless without the emotion, Love and the rest with it.  For most people, Meditation is usually the first step on the way to Spiritual Growth.  Meditation will give you a lot more advantages in your daily existence.  You will have easier access to knowledge, insights, other peoples minds and wisdom non-meditators do not have.  This is because you now have an open channel from Conscious Understandin to the Universal Consciousness and back.  It will not take long before you start recognizing these advantages.  A good place to start is to read a book which will explain the Universe, the real Power of the Mind, how to program the mind, and teach you Programmed Meditation.  The book is: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access The Universal Consciousness".  Look for it at:  or at 

It is in the silence of the mind where you will "meet yourself".  Go and find the Magic.