Dec. 20, 2015


MANIFESTING  is fairly simple.  I did not say; "Easy", because there is some effort and understanding necessary on your part.  I have had some requests on explaning the "Manifesting Process", obviously from people who has not read my books, but that is OK.  I do not mind healping.  The books I mention below, are much more in detail and will help much more on the understanding of the conceprs behind the Mind and the Creation Process. 

Remember, both Spiritual Science and Quantum Physics tells us we live in a Mind Created Universe.  So the Mind is what creates.  The Universal Consciusness is that Mind.  The reason most prayers go unanswered is that we are mostly not using the right language.  The language of the Spiritual worlds are not one of words, English, German, Chinese, Bulgarian or any other Earth language.  It is one of Feelings, Emotion, vivid colorful mental pictures, Love, Gratitude, geometrics, Symbols, etc.  In the Physical existence, we must deal with the concepts of Time and Space.  We do, observe and walk around in something that is much similar to a Hologram.  Outside of the Physical, in the higher vibrations, there is no Time and Space.  Everything that has been thought of and observed, is sitting there in this "Soup of Creation" where everything just IS.  It exists as Potentials for creation.  Without Time and Space, there is no distance between the past, present and the future.  The Universe is all about Balance.  Where there is thought, there can be created imbalance.

So how do we create?  First, we have to decide what we want.  Than we visualize it, design it, place it is the future and attach it to a "time-coded" event.  Forget attaching it to dates and months and a calendar.  Remember, this "request" goes out of the Physical in to a realm where there is NO TIME and SPACE.  Calanders are worthless there.  A "Time Coded" event can be a Christmas party,  Burthday party with many people around enjoying it, a vacation or anything that might be meaningful to you.  Once you place it in the future, you go to work on it.  Visualize it in Concept and detail.  Put Emotion in to it.  Create it in your Mind with vivid colorful pictures, intention, Love, see other people enjoying it with you, see yourself walking around in it / on it and enjoying it, feel Gratitude and be thankful for you and your friends enjoying it.  Visit this creation in your Mind at least once per day.  I recommend more than once.  You will be more effective if you concentrate on one big thing, and not 12 smaller things.  With too many requests going to the "orderdesk" of the "Universal Storehouse of Creative Energies", it / you can confused about what you really want, and "things" can "go on the shelf".  Compare it to if you want a house built.  You submit a drawing to the contractor.  The next day you go back and tell him: "No, I want the stairs in the back, and I want two windows on this wall instead of one."  What do you think the contractor is going to do?  NOTHING, until you have made up your Mind. 

Last, one thing is very important.  Know it is yours, and be thankful for already having received it.  Remember, the request is coming from a place where there is no distance between the present and the future.  you already have it - - - NOW.  While you have "down-time" during the day, spend your time in the future - - living the creation. 

There is much more details of How and Why in my books.  Check it out:

1.  "Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think".  Go to:

2.  "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access the Universal Consciousness".  Go to:  and put my name {Aage Nost} in the search bar, and that will bring up the book - - click on the picture.

I will see you on "The beaches of the world" and at Home when the journey is over.

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