Jan. 8, 2016


HAVE YOU EVER BEEN INTRODUCED to the concept that most of what you read in the history books, MAY NOT BE TRUE???  We have been told that "we" / the Allied Forces won World War II.  In part, it may look that way.  But that is not the whole story. Towards the end of the war, the NAZIS developed some phenomenal new technologies.  They developed the first jet airplane. They developed the totally silent submarine. And they developed the Mercury Plasma Engine, the Thule Engine.  They put this engine inside a circular aircraft they named the "Hauneby".  These circular aircrafts needed NO fuel.  It created its own.  It looked like a Bell.  They had some exotic weapons built into it.  One they called "Die Motorstoppel".  It was a Clystron Tube - - a directional Electro Magnetic Puls {EMP} weapon.  It was only used in the war for the last 30 days or so.  One night the Allied Forces flew a bombing raid of 800 bombers in over Germany.  The Allied forces lost 230 + bombers to the German "Haunebu" that night.  That is when the Allied command realized they would lose the war if they did not invade with an overwhelming ground force.  They did, and destroyed the German ground military.  BUT - - much evidence show the German war machine and society survived.  They just moved.  Over 3,000 German soldiers with specialized knowledge in aviation, rocket technology, Plasma technology for the engine of the "Haunebu", and other areas of expertise was moved to the United States under a Top Secret program called "Paperclip".  They pretty much built the new American Aviation, Rocket, Plasma, Turbin industry - - and designed the spy operations still in use today {CIA etc}.  And than, a large number of high ranking military officers and crew left Germany and traveled to Antarktika to a HUGE underground facility they had spent several years building.  They had taken much ot the latest and best equipment and technologies with them, including a large number of U-Bouts, Airplanes, "Haunebus" and other resources.  This evacuation from Germany had taken several years to complete.  In fact Adolf Hitler did not die in the bunker.  He was given a new identity by the Pope, and left Germany at least 6 months before the end of the war.  He first left to South America.  Than he visited the base at Antarktika, but he preferred to live in South America, so he returned there - - strongly enchouraged by the command at the Antarktika base.  They did not really care to have him there.  It is called "Base 211" at "NeuSwabenland".  Google it, and you will have an eyefull. There is much information out on that now.  The Germans also found a hige cavern inside the Earth in the North Polar region - - yes, you may want to research this and read the papers at the link provided in this Blog.  In fact I have a NASA Print showing a huge hole into the earth, in the North Polar region.  It was taken by the Essa 7 satelite in a stationary orbit 32,000 miles up over the North pole, taking a picture straight down.  And yes, this is one of the highest Top Secret issues for governments around the world.  There is a cavern inside the Earth.  The Germans found this cavern, and many of the German military and politicians moved in there, where their decendants still live.  The Base 211 at Antarktika has well over 2,000,000 people living there now.  They have a manufacturing plant for "Flying Discs" and many other things, and they trade regularly with many countries through "straw-companies".  The picture enclosed to this Blog is the copy of the NASA Print of the entrance in to the Earth at the North Polar region.  Go and look at the German documents in the link below.  you will like it.  Go to: