Jan. 13, 2016


TODAY I GOT AN E-MAIL  from a very good friend, Christine, in England.  She suggested I would write or speak on death, grieving and what happens afterwards.  She wrote about it in the E-Mail also.  It was so right on, so beautiful, so deep, I will try to re-cap some of the points she made.  She said she has seen there is a complete need for widespread, drastic, re-education of how the mass mind deals with "death", world wide.  This should be allright for people who are already higher conscious thinkers and spiritually evolved, however they can also learn something new to consider.  She mention Joseph Murphy's philosophy on death and dying.  He is not ramming religioys views down our throats.  He talks more about the Subconscious, dimensions,transitioning, happy go lucky - - away.  For example, he does not call it "death".  He calls it transition.  He does not believe you even have to be sad when someone you love "transitions", specially when you know what happens. He says we should wish them on their peceful, smooth and happy way to the next dimension.  He does not even agree with the normal burial, because it is so "finite", and the decay - - - .  There should not be any need to feel obligated to go and "visit them" at the grave yard.  When the remains of our loved ones are buried, their consciousness and spirit is not there.  "Death" is a re-birth.  It moves out of worn out bodies and into a new one.  She feels a massive amount of suffering could be stopped if widespread access to higher knowledge, and a dramatic re-education of how we deal with "death" is changed.  

I TOTALLY AGREE, and here are my thoughts and take on it. 

There is no such thing as "death". There is only - - change, like we walk into another room - - another dimension.  When someone dies, they do not go "away", they go home.  This "life" we think we are living, is not our home.  Both Spiritual Science and Quantum Physics agree that we live in a Mind Created Universe.  This Mind Created Universe has many levels of existence and many dimensions.  We think we exist in just one of them.  That is not true.  We are Mulit Dimensional beings.  That is the Physical, Mental, Astral, Spiritual - - - and they all interact with eahother.  They are eachother.  In a Mind Created Universe, the Mind creates everything.  The reason the "Spark of Life", housing the consciousness behind you, created a body for you to walk around in while you are in this Physical existence, is to have experiences, play, learn and grow in conscious capacity and Spiritually.  Some of us create our body and this Universe with Earth in it for an array of things to learn and experience.  Others may only have a few things to learn, experience or correct, so the existence in this body may be short.  We were all born into this experience for a reason and for certain things to experience and accomplish.  When that is done, we may leave.  Of course, the people we live with and thoose who love and care for us, may not understand this, so they feel a loss of companionship and grieve for it.  We actually do not grieve for the transitioned one.  We grieve for us.  It is a "selfish" thing, but very natural even if we know they are OK and very well taken care of in the other dimecsion.  It is rooted in Love, so it is all good.  We cared for their friendship and companionship. 

Each life time in this body only lasts a split moment from a Spiritual perspective, and than we are back home again. 

What happens after they transition, is somewhat depending on what they believed before they transitioned.  If the person transitioning is very attached to belongings, friends or family, they may have a hard time separating themselves from their Physical attachments.  They than could be hanging around for a long time - - as "ghosts".  There are places that has been haunted for hundreds of years by "ghosts".  It is not that the transitioned one spend much "time" there, because outside of the Physical in a Spiritual World - - there is no "time".  All happenings in the past, present and the future is sitting there in the "soup of creation" as potentials for creation.  In the lower Astral worlds, there still is "time".  But, once they are done with their attachments to the Physical, even while they still are in the lower Astral worlds, "time" collapses and it never existed in any form other than the memory of the experience.  Once we transition, we are usually met by other "Sparks of Life" - - souls - -, familiar to us.  Most the time, we will be floating through a bright and silvery tunnel with a very bright light at the other end.  We may select to delay the entry through the tunnel if we like to remain for a time with the people we left behind. This is not necessary, because even after we go through the tunnel, we can go back and visit the loved ones.  This becomes of lesser importance, because of the tremendous feeling of Love in this dimension.  That Spiritual world is actually our Home.  This what we think we are living here is an illusion - - a hologram created by the Mind {consciousness} for the purpose of having experiences.  A spirit can not have Physical experiences, so it has to create a Physical body to have those experiences through.  Spirit is what is real.  The Physical is the illusion.  But, and this is difficult to "wrap our heads around", the Spirit - - your Spark of Life - - is one with the illusion, because it created it and are living through it.

SO - - nothing dies.  The "Spark of Life", the real you, never dies.  The Hologram you are existing in here in the Physical will be terminated, because it is nothing in the first place.  It is only a Mind Created illusion. 

Let me give you something to think about, and than I will ask you a question.  Science have found that matter and energy can not be created from nothing.  And than we have some of the most brilliant people on the planet, like Steven Hawking at Cambridge University in England and most other Theoretical Physicists, are saying that their equations of Quantum physics on the black board prove this Universe was created from nothing.  If this whole Universe, and everything in it, including you, was created from nothing - - WHAT ARE YOU?

So, we are only sent off to school here, to learn and grow.  Do not feel sorry for the ones who graduate.  We will join them again soon.

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