Feb. 2, 2016


PRAYER IS AN ELUSIVE THING.  WHAT IS IT?  We think we know what it is, and how to do it, but noooooo - - most of us are WAY of the mark.  WHY?  It is because we have not been taught how to do it.  And there are two reasons for that.  Religion does not teach how to do it, and if they did know how, they would not tell you.  That would take away from their power and purse.  

Before we get into the science of Prayer, I like to speak to the Atheists.  In the past, you have probably prided yourself in saying something like: "I don't believe in nothing".  Well - - oh yes you do.  You believe in what you can see - - you believe in science - - you believe in Nutonian Physics. 

Let me give you something to think about:  I am a hypnotist.  If you spent an hour with me, you sat down in a comfortable chair and I would talk to you and put you under in a deep Hypnotic trance.  I could tell you that after you wake up you would see an elephant standin in the room next to you.  When you woke up, you would see that Elephant.  You could reach out and touch the trunk of the Elephant, and you would feel the texture of the skin, you would feel the Elephant's breath.  To you, this Elephant wold be very real.  After I took you out of the Hypnotic trance, you would still have the memory of the Elephant and I could have installed a Post Hypnotic Command in your mind so you would still believe the memory was real.  This could be very confucing.  Now - - what do you  believe?

The MIND is a very powerful thing.  Science has found that we live in a Mind Created Universe.  The proof of this is in the science.  Explanations to this you will find in my book:  "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking and How To Access the Universal Consciousness".  As an example, there is a Doctor, Larry Dossey, who reviewed 60 some medical studies proving the effects of Prayer can be measured and have a significant effect on healing.  He wrote a book called: "Healing Words And Prayer Is Good Medicine".  He found that Prayer is not something we do.  It is something we are.  There is another Doctor, Lenard Lascov, who did a lot of experiments with people who had "incurable" diseases.  He found that in people vith identical medical cconditions, he had a decrease of 39 percent in size of Cancer tumors when people were prayed over, using this method of Prayer described in here.   Remember, you do not draw to you what you want, you draw to you what you ARE, because You and what you want are One withing the Unified field in this Mind Created Universe.

Christians have this concept called "Laying of Hands".  It is not the hands that are important.  It is the Mind behind the hands, and how well this Mind is able to "un-clutter" itself to make understandable contact with the Universal Consciousness.

So, why does not Prayers work more often?  Let me give you something to think about - - again:  "Science has found that energy and matter can not be created from Nothing.  We all think we know that.  Than again, we have some of the sharpest people on the planet, like Steven Hawking at Cambridge University and most other Theoretical Physcists who says that their equations of Quantum Physics on the blackboard show this whole Universe was created from Nothing.  If this Universe was created from Nothing - -  and everything in this Universe was created from Nothing - - and YOU are in this Universe which is created from nothing - - WHAT ARE YOU????? 

Yes, they have found that this whole thing we call our Universe and Existence is a Mind Created "Illusion" inside of this Mind Created Universe.  It is almost identical to what we would call a Hologram - - a Hologram made of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual thought.  And we are part of - - are One with - - this all connected Universal Soup of thought creation.

Please stay with me.  This is important so we can understand how we can make Prayers work better.  If we do not understand what the game is, or the rules of the game - - how can we play?

Prayer is a form of Manifestation, but most people are using the WRONG LANGUAGE.  With other words, we are not doing it right.  Once we have thought of something we like to happen, using the right language, we create - - summons something that we already are part of.  Where does Prayers go?  Does it stay in the Physical?  No, it does not.  The Physical is only an artificially created sensation for the Mind to interpret and have experiences from.  Prayers are sent into the Spiritual existence - - the Quantum all encompassing Self Aware Universal Consciousness.  There, the language is not English, German, Bulgarian, Norwegian Chinese or any other Earth language.  It is a language of Emotion, Intention, vivid colorful images, Gratitude, LOVE and the like.  It is a Language of the Mind, not the voice box. 

We should learn from history.  Moses wrote 12 books {or some of them are attributed to him}.  I have 10 of them.  I believe it is in the 9th Book where he explains how to Pray and get results every time.  He says:

1.   Do not flaunt or express your Prayer among people who mokk you.

2.   Go in your Chamber {be alone}.

3.   Know what you want.

4.   See it in your heart {Mind and Heart meant the same thing back than}.  This means visualizing it.

5.   Speak it aloud with emotion so the tears flow.

6.  Know it is yours.  {Do not "waffle" and think it may not happen}.

7.  Leave it to God. { Let it go - - unattached.  Know it will happen}.

There are barriers in the way of this Language of the Mind.  One is that our mind is usually going "90 miles per hour.  In my case, I was going 400 miles per hour.  {Remember, I am a pilot}.  We must quiet the Mind to develop Alpha Brain Waves.  Alpha Braine Waves are the best Carrier Wave to imbed visualized images and messages.  The constant chatter and private conversations in our Mind will bloch the channel into the Subconscious, Superconscious and Universal Mind.  It will also block images, knowledge and impressions comming back from the Universal Mind from reaching all the way up to Conscious Understanding.  That is why Prayer and Manifestation works best while we are in Meditation or Quiet Contemplation.  The Bible calls it: "Be still".

To be effective at Prayer or Manifesting, we should consider this:

1.   Prayer is based on UNIVERSAL LAW.  Don't change the "rules".

2.   Prayer is not a "getting thing". It is a giving thing.

3.   Never Pray for yourself ONLY.  Put other people in it, to enjoy what you are asking for.  It should be at least 3 people enjoying your request. 

4.   Feel the LOVE for what you are asking and the people you are enjoying it with.

5.   Visualize in vivid colors what you are asking for.

6.   Do not be a "beggar".  After you are done, believe it is done and you already have it.

7.   Between Prayers, live in the future with it as you already have it.

8.   Feel the emotion and excitement of you and the people enjoying it. 

9.   Be focused in your Intention of doing what you can to help making it happen.  Put some effort behind the thoughts and manifestation you are putting out.

10. Feel the Gratitude and be thankful for having it.

Any Prayer repeated beyond once per day, may look as you do not believe in what you are doing.  Remember, don't be a "beggar".  Have conviction.

In all Prayer, there is a "wild card".  You may have made arrangements and agreements to do, or go through something, before you took on this Physical body you are carrying around.  These arrangements are not changed or re-arranged in the physical.  You {your Mind} have to go out of the Physical and enter the Quantum existence to cahnge that.  All major life experience are mostly pre-arranged.  How they play out is often your dong.  If you can get the same learning experience without without going through the "negative" experieence, you can avoid the experience all together.  You can learn from others who have "bad" experieences.  See what they are going through, feel it with them, learn from them how it feels.  That is why it is good to be compassionate with peple who are having a tough time.  Talk with them, join their Mind, and try to understand their conditions.   

Be more Spirit, and you will be more Human.  To be more Human, is because you have become more Spirit.  We all have the capacity to "graduate" from this school we are enrolled in, called: "our life".  We can do this, this time around.  When we "graduate", we no longer have to come back and go to school in the Physical again. NO MORE INCARNATIONS.  Spiritual understanding of who we are, why we are here, what the Universe is, what the Soul is, and where is our home is the key to that.

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Have a Happy Journey.