Feb. 23, 2016


TODAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2016, I DID  RADIO SHOW  with EQ VOICES in Norway.  And yes, I did it in English so everyone can listen.  I spoke for two hours on Astral Travel, Soul Travel, Time Travel, Opening up The Third Eye, The language of the Spiritual Worlds, and how to manifest good things in our life.  Often we find it easier to accept something if we understand it, and the science behind it.  Quantum Physics tells us that the world is not quite the way we have been led to believe.  I try to take the theories of Quantum Physics and Spiritual Science and simplify it so we all can understand it.  Once we understand what we are, and what the Universe is, everything becomes much more managable, and in many ways much easier to understand and accept.  Go and listen to the radio show below, and you will see:

Go to: www.blogtalkradio.com/eqvoices/2016/02/23/timetravel-is-it-for-real-in-english-due-to-our-guest-aage-nost