Mar. 5, 2016


HOW WAS THE PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT BUILT?  Yes, this has puzzled arceologists and engineers for a long time.  I am sorry to say, most main stream scientists and arceologists are fairly "big-headed" and arrogant.  If they do not understand something, they have to explain it away.  Even a dumb explanation will do for the masses.  So they made up the interpretation and stories of the thousands of slaves, ropes, pullies, greased logs and what ever else you have heard.  {Have you ever tried to put a 25 ton stone, or a 1,000 ton stone on a greased log and roll it ?  It will not roll very well, because it will no longer be round.  "Flat" is the word for it.  First of all, there were very few slaves.  Most of the people who built the Cheops Pyramid were "Independent Contractors".  They came from all over the Middle East and Africa to the building project.  They were fed well, and they drank beer instead of water, accumulated some money {not much} and went home for the harvesting reason.  Levitation was a known concept Millenias ago, and widely used - - by the few priests and building "project managers".  The people an mass were not taught the technology.

Here is something to "wrap your head around".  How could a bunch of slaves lift a stone weighing 1,000 tons twenty feet up in the air and place it in a wall with other stones - - and snug it in so tight that you can not get a paper between the stones ?  The Temple of Jupiter at balbeck has three of those stones lifted 20 feet up in the air before it was placed in the wall.  It is estimated it would take the muscle power of 16,000 men to even be able to nudge it. 

Here is an example of one way to do it:  In the early 1930's, a Swedish explorer, traveler, and engineer went to Tibet to visit a friend who was a Tibetan monk.  He observed the monks rebuilding the Temple where they lived.  The temple had a cavern up in the side of a mountain, and they were moving stones up there.  The cavern were 400 meters {1,200 feet} up above the platou below where they were moving the stones from.  The stones were 1.5 meters in diameter {4.5 feet}.  The stone was 100 meters {300 feet} from the rock wall to where they were moving the stone.  Behind the stone, away from the rock wall, there were 19 musicians placed in a semi circle.  Behind them there were 200 monks placed in several semi circle lines, at a 5 degree angle between the lines.  They also had 13 large drums and 6 trumpets.  It is unclear where they were placed.  Between the drums and the trumpets, they had 6 large metal pipes with musicians to blow in it.  The 200 monks were all singing in unison.  The music and the singing honed in on one tone.  From the time they started, it took several minutes til the stone started to move.  When it did, it first mover straight up and than in a parabolic path to the top of the cliff where it was placed in a shelf, and so tightly in place that he could not even het a paper between the stones.

Kjelson, being an engineer, took measurements of the distances, heights and angle of travel for the stone, but he could not explain anyining with his knowledge of science.  He asked his friend how this was done, and he was told it was the sound that does it. Of course, this answer did not satisfy him much, but that is all they would tell him.  Now, in the later days, we have uncovered the beginning secrets of "Accustic Levitation".  By this principle - - and another - - was how the Cheops Pyramid was built.

In ancient carvings of hieroglyphs in Egypt, there is mention of a substance they call:   "What is it".  They did not know what it was.  It is depicted as a very tall and narrow pyramid, almost obelisk shaped.  It is a white powder.  When they first broke in to the Kings Chamber, they found the Sarcophagus, and it was full of this hardened White Powder.  They did not know what it was, so they scooped it up and it is, today, in several museums in Egypt and the British National Museum in London.  If we run it through a Spectro Analysis process, it gives the signature of AU {Gold}, but it is not Gold.  This is what is the "White Powder gold, ORMUS, MANNA, Philosophers Stone" and a few other names.  It has an Anti Gravity Property to it.  When they moved the stones to build the Cheops Pyramid, they had a sheet of this powder, put it around and up the sides of the stone.  Than they hit the stone with a pipe-like tuning fork which set up a resonant vibration in the stone  and the air around it, which again activated the gravity neutralization properties in the ORMUS sheet they had placed around it.  They could than push the stone forward with a wood handle.  They could not use their hands because that would neutralize the vibration inside the stone.  They could "float" the stone 30 to 50 feet this way. 

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