Mar. 17, 2016


WE KNOW THE UN-SEEN HAND BEHIND THE CURTAIN  is guiding the development of society, for their own benefit and profits.  But, they let us have a few things - - of course, as long as it is profitable.

100 years ago:

1.     Only 14 % of the households in the USA had bathtubs

2.     The average age of people in the USA was 47 years

3.     The speed limits for automobiles in most major cities was 10 m.p.h.

4.     The average wage of a worker was 22 cents per hour

5.     95 % of all babies were born at home

6.     90 % of all doctors had no College education.

7.     Only 6 % of the people had graduated from Highschool

8.     2 out of every 10 person could not read or write

9.     18 % of all household had a servant, maid or some help in the house

10.    Fuel for automobiles were only sold at Drug stores

11.    Only 8 % of all households had a telephone

12.    The tallest building in the world was the Eifel Tower. Today it is the Burj Khalifa in   Dubai at 2717 feet tall.

13.    The average wage for a person was $200 to $400 per year. A competent dentist could expect to make $2,000 per year.  A Mechanical engineer was the top earners at $5,000

14.    Most women washed their hair once per month, and they used Borax and egg yolk for shampoo

15.    Canada passed a law that no poor people could enter their country

16.    The American flag had 45 stars

17.    The population of Las Vegas Nevada was 30

18.    Sugar cost 4 cents per pound in the USA

19.    Coffee cost 15 cents per pound in the USA

20.    No Crossword puzzles, canned beer of iced tea was invented

21.    Mariuana, Heroin and Morphine was sold over the counter to anyone as mdicine

Now, sit back and think of what can happen in the next 100 years.  Think of it this way; Quantum Physics and my experience has proven there are more than one reality / universe / parallel existence going on at the same time.  It is up to you to choose which Time line you are going to follow in to the future.  You are creating your future by what you allow to be in your mind - - what you believe - - what you do - - and who you associate with.  Go into the future, in your mind, and create the visualized images and emotions of what you want to have happen.  Go and visit this creation often - - every day - - so you can create a Time line to it. 

Let's connect and revisit this issue in the year 2115 and discuss it.  If you have read my other writings in this web site, you will know how how to reverse the aging process - - so you can be here - - in 2115.