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I am re-writing this article to make you think.  Could it be that we are not alone, and as religion and the "Flat-earthers" think, that we are the center of the Universe.  Lately, on the Internet, there are thousands of pictures of artifacts on other planets, and should be considered indisputable evidence to that we are not alone.  This article deals with evidence and proof from the past showing indisputable evidence - - there is someone on the Moon, and it is not "us".

The truth about the Moon is far stranger than any fiction writer could ever dream up.  I did the research, and I found some astounding things.  Proof from present day science and information from the past put a different light on the makeup and origin of the Moon.  The available current information have even the best of the science experts baffled.  It reinforces the very puzzling conclusion drawn by the best of Russian scientists, that our Moon is not a natural satelite to Earth.  It is "parked" there.

After being presented with much of the generally available and classified information from the USA, and Russian sources, Joseph F. Bloomrich, a leading engineer at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Alabama, made an official statement after 18 months of study on the subject that the Moon and Earth are, and have been, visited on a regular basis by Extra Terrestrial beings.

During some of our manned and unmanned flights to the Moon, we have discovered several structures which appears to be artificial.  Even before the landing on the Moon, there were numerous reports on artificial structures on the Moon.  One of the most prominent is a huge bridge-like structure over the "Sea of Crisis".  It was first discovered in 1954 by John O'Neil, former science editor for the New York Herald Tribune.  The bridge can be seen with any telescope with magnification of 600X or more.  The discovery has been confirmed by leading Astronomers, who has seen it through their telescopes.  It is estimated to be over 12 miles long.  You can read more about these structures in the book: "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon", by Dell Publishing. 

The eminent British Astronimer, H. P. Wilkins, head of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association, made the statement on BBC Radio; "It is too even and symetrical.  It looks artificial.  You can see the Sunlight streaming in underneath it."

Many other structures has been found.  Structures like walls that forms rectangles and squares, and even dome-like structures that suddenly appears and than disappears.  We have been told over and over again that the Moon is a dead, barren rock in the sky with no atmosphere.  The prominent British Astronomer H. P. Wilkins, makes the observation that with a strong telescope one can see a faint green carpet spreading over the floor of some craters.  This writer has a copy of two NASA photos showing green vegetation in the botton of a crater on the Moon.  You can find it on my Facebook page - - quite a ways down.  You can read more about the green grass on the Moon in the book: "Our Moon", by Frederick Muller, 1954, page 130.

On July 6, 1954, Frank Halstead with the Darling Observatory in Minnesota, discovered a strange black line in the crater of "Piccolomini".  There are records of 16 people who claim to have seen it the first day it was discovered.  Shortly afterward, it vanished.  Just that there were a black line was no "big deal".  That it vanished, is a "big deal".  That would not happen if it was just a dead "rock in the sky". 

One of the strangest observations of all is from Japan. Dr. Kenzahuro Toyoda, an Astronomer at Menjii University, discovered on September 29, 1958, something that appeared to be huge black letters.  They were so clear that they were easy to recognize.  The letters formed two words: "PYAX" and "JWA".  Many of his colleges saw this also, and confirmed it. 

Another report is from Russia.  The Russian space probe Luna 9, took some interesting photos after it landed in the "Ocean of Storms".  The photos showed some strange tall structures of symetrical and circular design, and some that had a Pyramid shape to them.  The structures were lined up instead of placed randomly, spaced at an equal distance from each other and they were of equal size.

The late director of the "Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained", and science editor of "ARGOSY MAGAZINE", Dr. Ivan Sanderson, said that the Russian photos "reveal two straight lines of equidistant stones that looks like markings along a runway".  The circular stones are all identical and placed at an angle to produce a strong reflection from the Sun, which would make them visible for long distances.  The Russian press also wrote about them.  The Russian Magazine: "Technology and youth", classified them as stone markers which were unquestionable planned structures.  From the shadow and the angle of the Sun, they were calculated to be 15 stories high.  You can read about it in ARGOSY Magazine, August 1970.  It is archived.

Another phenomena of tremendous curiosity is on the edge of "The Sea of Storms".  It is a strange opening which leads deep into the Moon's surface.  The Astronomer, H. P. Wilkins, discovered this opening.  It is a perfectly round hole in the crater "Cassini A".  The crater is one and a half {1.5} mile across, and the hole is over six hundred feet {600 ft.} across, says Wilkins.  He also says; "the inside is as smooth as glass, and is a deep pit or plug hole".

Many UFO's have been seen on or around the Moon, and many in the "Sea of Storms".  My comment is: "would it not be logical if they would be coming to the surface through this 600 foot wide hole"?

Not only strange structures have been discovered on the Moon, there have been unexplainable lights and moving objects as well. There has been so many reports of "things" going on up there, that NASA did a study on it.  It was never published.  The Study is called: "Cronological Catalog of Lunar Events".  If you are interested in the study, write to NASA in Housten, under the Freedom of Information Act, and request a copy of it.  It may be released by now.  This study includes a listing of strange lights, glows, happenings, and reports by reliable observers over the past several centuries.  The study is impressive in numbers and detail.  And my question again:  "Why would NASA even bother if they knew it was just a "dead rock" in the sky ?

Here are some of the Historical Facts of things you will find in the study:

November 12, 1671: A small whiteish cloud is sighted on the Moon by the well known scientist and Astronomer Cassini.  {If the Moon has no atmosphere, like NASA is saying, there can be no clouds}.  NASA seems to have extended their "Forked tongue" on this one.

May 18, 1787: Astronomers Halley and DeLouville.  {This is the "Halley" that discovered and charted the orbit of "Halley's Comet"}. 

April 12, 1926: of Crisis", reported by Emmet.  At the same spot as the bridge-like structure appeared in 1954.

July 4, 1881:  Two pyramidal luminous structures appeared on the Moons edge, and a short while later, they disappeared.

April 24, 1882:  Both moving and stationary shadows were observed in the "Aristotle" crater. 

October 5, 1945:  Three bright points of light were observed on the wall of the crater "Darvin".  It was observed by one of the scientists who later prepared the report for NASA.   

September 8, 1955:  Two flashes were seen from the edge of "Tarus".  It is also somewhat curious that this is the exact location to where the Astronauts of Appollo 17 were sent.

June 21, 1964:  A moving dark area was seen by several observers in the area of "Ross D".  It moved about for two hours, and vanished.  

September 25, 1966:   There was seen blinking lights in the crater of "Plato".  Several observers testified to it.  The lights were described as "red patches".

There is onee more report worth mentioning.   Johann Schroeter, a very well known Astronomer, also saw a bright light in the "Lunar Alps" region.  It was bright as a star. he watched it for 15 minutes.  When the light was gone, he could see in it's place a round shadow that changed color from gray to black and back to gray.  Many of these lights have been observed in the exact location where the Astronauts of the Appollo missions were sent.  Coincidence ???

Strange phenomenas have been observed on the Moon since the invention of the telescope.  One area of the Moon many observers and Astronauts think may be a center for UFO activity, is "Plato".  {And yes, they call it UFO activity}.  There have been observed thousands of strange lights and happenings in that area of the Moo.  This is a good indication, the Moon may be occupied.  So, claims many Astronomers who have at their disposal telescopes of such size and magnification that they can "count rocks" on the Moon.  Their statements should have more credibility than "Joe Blow" and Harry Hohandle" as self proclaimed experts down the street. Most of the critics of these facts do not even own a telescope.  We know that several of the Astronauts have come forward and admitted they did see UFO's in space.

The "Condon Report" wrote about the UFO sightings of Gemini 4, 7, 9, and 11.  Read chapter 6 of the book where it goes into detailed description of these sighting by the Astronauts.  The "Condon Report" could never explain away these sightings. They did not even try.  It was too detailed and specific.  Why was this never brought out by NASA and the media ?  There is also written about a huge object that the crew of Apollo 8 spotted and took photos of on the far side of the Moon. 

Apollo 10 had a close encounter with a UFO in orbit around the Moon.  They flew around the Moon with the landing weichle "Lem", and decended to an altitude of 4.5 miles above the Moons's surface.  Suddenly a UFO rose from the surface.  The crew on "Lem" observed it, and captured it on 16 mm. movie film, and some still photos.  These photos were classified "Top Secret - - Eyes Only".  Why ???

Apollo 11 also observed several UFO's.  In orbit around the Moon, there were two UFO's that joined them in a slightly higher orbit, but at the same speed.  The UFO's decended towards them while Astronaut Edwin Aldrin was flying our spacecraft.  After several minutes close by, the UFO rose and departed.  You can read more about this incident in: "Modern People Press UFO Report", page 9.  The taped conversations in these incidents are cited in the book: "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon".  Very interesting reading.

Our scientists have been studying the Moon for a long time.  NASA even brought back rock samples from their visit there.  By studying and analysing these samples, there have surfaced more questions than answers.  Nearly all of NASA's findings seem to agree with the bizarre, that the Moon is not a natural object to earth.  The two Russian scientists Michail Vasin and Alexander Sherbakow wrote an article in a Russian government publication, and stated that all available information is pointing to that the Moon is hollow, and very likely housing a sivilization.  They said that would surely explain all the observed activity on the surface of the Moon.  They said it could even be a "Cosmic Noa's Ark" that was brought here and parked in orbit.  There is several scientific areas of explanations which will support that theory. 

1.   The Moon is much older than Earth {about 500 Million plus years}.

2.   Rock samples show a totally different composition.  Density of rock particles and metals show it was not even formed in the same cloud of dust and gas as Earth.

3.   The chance of the Moon being cought in orbit around Earth is virtually impossible {some scientists have said a 1 in 3 million chance}.

4.   The Russian scientists are saying there is evidense the Moon is hollow because of the big difference between the specific Gravity weight of the Moon {3.33} and Earth {5.5}.   They say that such a low specific Gravity weight indicate the Moon must be hollow. 

Also if you look at the craters on the Moon, you must wonder how it can be that a crater can be 100 miles wide, and only 1/2 mile deep.  The surface have to be pretty hard. 

Here is something for you to think about.  We can re-visit this conversation a year after "Disclosure".  It won't be long.  What if the Moon is hollow, and made from an iron based metal.  It is actually a steerable spacecraft, and it does have a sivilisation living in it.  The inhabitants parked their ship around a "friendly" planet {well, that has changed over the last 100 years} where there was plenty of water and resources.  Before they parked it here they were travelling through deep space and were subject to Astroids, metiorites, space dust and other "things" which might be floating around in deep space.  All this accomulated on the surface of the Moon over the Billions of years they were traveling.  That could answer for the 1/2 mile of deep "dirt" sticking to the surface of the Moon.  That is the reason the craters are not any deeper than 1/2 mile to 1 mile. 

 For those of us who has researched these things, have found that NASA is very polite and easy to work with - - as long as you do not ask for anything extraordinary, that they do not want you to know about.  When you start asking for specific pictures of structures and objects on the Moon, you will find that much of it is "lost", "we can not find it", or "it is classified".  They normally will not tell you that anything is "classified" until you hit on a frame that are.  Did you know that there are hundreds of "classified" pictures from the Moon, stamped "TOP SECRET", "EYES ONLY", and totally unavailable to anyone who does not have the highest of National Security Clearance, and still it is only accessible as "Need to Know".  I understand the environment is changing now, and many of these pictures have been released under the "Freedom of Information Act" - - but they have smudging, airbrushings and redacted black ink all over it.  My question is: "Why in the world would a "dead rock in the sky", the Moon, be classified under National Security ?????????  It is obvious they are hiding something very important from us, and are "speaking with "forked tongue" every time their mouth comes open.  Why did NASA push through a very little published law, making it illegal, because of "National Security", to approach and attempt to communicate with Extra terrestrials.  It was made illegal to the tune of a prison term of 20 years.  That is a prison term, longer than most murderers will endure.  It surely does not make sense, considering that for all these years NASA, and our government, has denied that Extra terrestrials even exist.  Do you think they know something they are not telling us.

Do your own research.  There is few things that will impact you more in the future  - - the near future.  Know what to expact and you will have an advantage.  Not everyone who lands in a "Flying Saucer" will be your friend. 



                                                                                    Aage Nost, March 28, 2016.


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