Apr. 11, 2016


Karma is a real concept, and it comes in many different names. We hear of it as: "He got what he deserved", and "What goes around, comes around", and "As you sow, you will reap", and a few others.  We hear many people say:  "I have bad Karma".  Have you ever heard anyone say: "I have good Karma" ?  No, because as humans, it seems as when something good happenes to us, we like to take all the credit ourselves.  When something bad happens, we prefer to blame it on something or someone else - - like bad Karma.  So, what is Karma ?  Karma is "Universal Law".  It is creating balance in the Universe.  There is a Universal law that allows for a ten {10} time return of the same vibration of energy we put out.  When we do something of a high vibration {good} for someone, without expecting anything in return, we will be rewarded by ten times of the same vibrational energy as we gave out.  Now, the trick is that it works the same way when we do something of a lower vibration {bad} for / to someone.  Some of us have had the rewards of that one.  Karma can stay with us through a life-cycle into the next one - - or several life-cycles.  Most major occurances in our life, both "good" or "Bad", are preplanned and part of a "Masterplan" of learning for the life-cycle.  The Soul wants the experience.  That is where Karma comes in.

Even if we have done something really "terrible" in our life, there is hope.  It helps to understand Universal Law.  There is no such thing as "God" being mad at you for what you did, and want to punish you.  "God" is also not going to "Judge" you for what you did.  YOU are.  After your life-cycle, there is a "meeting" with other higher advanced Souls called the "Guardians of the Soul", where you are reviewing your life-cycle in detail, and you will "judge" what you did correctly to advance your Soul to a higher level of Spiritual capacity.  Yes, you will be your own "Judge".  After this evaluation, a new plan may be created for you, in a new life-cycle, if needed.

The Soul is hungry for experiences - - it wants to learn, but there is a Law of balance in the Universe.  It works in this way:  Let us say that you had a plan for going through something specific or achieve something great in your life-cycle, but you have not been able to do it.  That may follow you, and cause you to end up in an other life-cycle trying to accomplish or go through the same thing - - over and over again - -  until you are able to give the Soul the experience.  Let us also say that you may have agreed to go through something really "bad" in your life-cycle.  You can possibly bypass that "scheduled" occurance if you find a situation or someone else who are living this experience, study their life situation, learn from their experience, "mistakes", how it feels and learn from the results.  If the Soul get the learning experience from somewhere, it is satisfied, and you may bypass the "Karmic Experience".

Now, there is another method to bypass Karma.  It is through LOVE and FORGIVENESS.  "God" is LOVE.  The Self Aware Universal Consciousness is "God".  It is expressed in the Universe as the Bright White Light of LOVE.  Have you heard someone say: "LOVE and LIGHT" ?  It is the same thing.  LOVE is the expression of "God". 

So, how does this work in the Physical ?  Let us say that it appears as you are about to go through something "unpleasent".  Remember, "unpleasent" is only a perception of something.  It all depends on how we look at it.  We may be looking at the problem only,  we may be forgetting the problem solving process that will create new learning, different thinking, opportunity, interaction with new people, new learning experiences and so on.

We should be looking at the problem solving process, what we will learn, the opportunities coming from it - - and fill the challenge with LOVE, bright white light, and forgiveness.  Even if you feel you did nothing to bring it on, FORGIVE your role in it, because YOU are involved.  Somewhere in your mental and spiritual fabric you created the situation by drawing it to you.  Your Mind created your existence.  If you visualize the challenge, and fill it with bright white light, it will replace the lower vibrational energy in the thought that is attached to it with LOVE.  Thoughts are things.  Thoughts are energy.  Intention is energy.  Love is energy.  When you replace the lower vibration in the thought with a higher vibration of Intention, Forgiveness, Bright white light and LOVE, you are "gutting out" the negative energy of the thought.  It loses it's power over you.  If someone did something "bad" to you, tell them you love them and forgive them.  If you did something "bad" to someone, FORGIVE yourself for doing it.  AND THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.  FORGIVE YOURSELF.  

Remember, the Self Aware Universal Consciousness is "God".  "God" is love, and "God" is all there is.  It reaches in to the Quantum existence, where everything past, present and future is sitting there in that "soup of creation" where everything just "is" - - is just sitting there as potentials for creation.  So, the knowledge of this situation you may be avoiding by bypassing a part of Karma, is sitting in the "soup of creation" outside of Space and Time, and fully a part of the Self Aware Universal Consciousness.  When you put bright white light, forgiveness and LOVE into the situation or your thoughts {known or unknown}, you are filling the situarion with "God", which is all there is, and the knowledge of "All There Is" fills the experience.  Therefore the Soul is becoming aware of the experienced as it would have been, had you gone through it Physically.  {After I wrote this, I had to read it a couple of times to understand it.  It did not feel as it was written consciously}.  


And one more thing to help you avoid more incarnations in the lower Physical existences:  Learn who you are, what you are, why you are here, what the Universe is and what {not who} "God" is.

There is a book that explains this wery well.  You should read it.  It is: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking and How to Access the Universal Consciousness".  Go to www.Amazon.com  put my name in the search bar and click.  That will bring the book up.  While you are there.  Check the customer reviews.  Last I checked they were all 5 stars {and one that gave me 4.5 for spelling errors}.  If you read the book 3 times, and practise some of the techniques in it, your life will never be the same. 

I wish you well, and we will meet - - at home.


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Thank you, Aage♡ Thank you so much for sharing♡♡♡ I'm going to get your book!