Apr. 16, 2016


HERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN THINK ON:  Are Crystals alive ?  Well, one of the most brilliant minds Earth have ever fostered, Nicola Tesla, and more and more scientist are starting to thinking so.  Of course, it would help to know what "Life" is.  Science can not even agree on that, but there are some criteria, and Crystals does meet that criteria.

Consider this: Nicola tesla is quoted stating: "In a Crystal we have clear evidence of a formative life principle, and though we can not understand the life of a Crystal, it is none the less a living being."  So he writes in his book: "The Problem Of Increasing Human Energy," printed in the year 1900. 

Up until recently, Carbon has been the only substance creditided with the ability to harbor life.  Through experimentation we have not found that Silica can access food for energy, grow, reproduce, co-exist with other substances, evolve to survive, can hold sound and complex voice patterns and give it back when stimulated to do so, but more unique, Crystals can hold thought patterns as memory.  That is the definition of intelligence.  We should have suspected this, because Carbon and Siliicon are next to each other on the Periodic Table, and not too far different in vibration.

Marcel Vogel, scientist specializing in Crystals and holder of 200 patents, discovered crystals can receive, store and send thought patterns while interacting with the Human Mind. 

The now, manager of Copen Radionics Labratories in England {Copen Labs}, told me of some experiments that was done in England.  They crushed, pulverized Crystals into a fine Talkum like powder, and mixed it in a bowl of pure water.  They than ran a low electrical current through the water, and left it like that for a few weeks.  When they terminated the experiment, they found that something had grown in the water.  In fact some of the things, "grown in the water", had crawled out of the water and was sitting on the wall of the bowl.  What was it ?  It was a few very small insect like creatures with legs, body, head and all.  AND IT WAS ALL MADE OF CRYSTAL.  This is the beginning of some very interesting research. 

Here is my input:  Science will find that Crystald are very much alive.  They have a way to interact with us.  They have intelligence.  They can communicate with other physically formed Crystals. Do you remember, the first radios were based on the Crystal.  They will also find that the intelligence process of communication laid down in the Crystals is simple with no clutter, so they have uninterrupted direct contact with the Universal Consciousness at all times, through which they are transmitting and receiving.  The Crystal is a Transducer, like in a radio.  It receives, organizes, and transmit vibration like thoughts, voice, visual images etc.  It will magnify the thought patterns of the one who is interacting with it.  That is why some pwople have used these Crystals for healing of both the body and the mind.  If you try to measure the communication frequesncies coming from the Crystals, remember, it will do what your mind does.  It transmits on all frequencies at the same time.  Look in the range of tiny Gravity Waves, and Long Waves. 

So why not start experimenting with it ?  Find a long Crystal, break it in two, and give it to a friend and try to communicate mind to mind through the Crystal, or any other way you can think of.  To communicate through it, you need to clear your mind.  You just might surprice yourself with the results you get.

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Have fun with it.