May. 1, 2016


WE KNOW GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, including NASA personnell, are very good at talking in circles.  So by the time you have walked around the circle with them, you know less than when you started.  I am sure this was what Astronaut Neil Armstrong was trying to do, but it failed.  I think it was very clear what he said.

During a NASA Symposium, Astronaut Neil Armstrong, got into a discussion with a professor, who prefer to be un-named.  The dialog went quoted as:

Professor:  What really happened out there with Apollo 11 ?

Armstrong:  It was incredible - - of course - - we have always known there was a possibility - - the fact is - - we were warned off - - uhh.  There was never any question - - than - - of a space station, or a Moon city.

Professor:  How do you - - "warned off" ?

Armstrong:  I can't go into details, except that their ships were far superior to ours, both in size and technology.  Boy, where they big - - and menacing.  No, there is no question of a space station.

Professor:  But NASA had other missions after Apollo 11 ?

Armstrong:  Naturally, NASA was comitted at that time, and could not risk panic on Earth.  But it really was a quick scoop, and back again.

I think Neil Armstrong explains it very clearly.  He was cornered, and had to say something.  I believe he basically told the truth.  Of what he dared to say, he told thhe truth.  But, he could not say that they did not go to the Moon in 1969, in the "tin can" they told us.  Still they went to the Moon.  "They" have been travelling back and forth to the Moon since the early 1950's, in a combination of alien and German technology.  In the next decade, we will know when and how they went to the Moon.  There will be a "forced disclosure", with much more and deeper covered up information, after the first initial disclosure.  It will not be initiated by what is left of the government, but by the alien presence.

We are in for some interesting times.  Hold on, and just take the ride.  And of course, do not believe a word they are telling you.  Everything is a lie, or attached to a lie.  The problem is that we do not know which is the lie, and which is the truth which has the lie attached to it.

To know what really is on the Moon, read the next Blog.