May. 8, 2016



By the time you are done reading this, you will have a pretty good idea.  There are two saying I like you to think about, and REALLY THINK ABOUT:

1. "The future is not locked in stone."  So, what does that mean ?  - - "not locked in stone", compared to what other situations ?

2. "Everything starts in the Mind."  That is hard to "wrap our heads around".

To start to explain this, I need to ask you my favorite question - - which has proven to me to be the best tool to help people open up the Mind to the real "Reality" we are existing in.  First I need to set the stage for the question, so you will better understand the debth of the question:

"Newtonian Science has found that matter and energy can not be created from Nothing.  Than again, some of the most brilliant people on the planet, like Professor Steven Hawking at Cambridge University in England, and most other Theoretical Physicists claims that, on the black board, they can prove that this Universe we are "living" in is created from Nothing.  If this Universe, and everything in it is created from Nothing, and you are existing in this Universe created from Nothing, WHAT ARE YOU ?

Using this formula, the answer is kind of obvious, but think on it.  Advanced Science has now found that we "live" in a Mind Created Universe.  The Brain is not, and does not create the Mind.  The Mind actually creates the Brain, and everything else you see around you as a "Holographic experience".  This is hard to understand also, but even Holograms has a science to it.  The science of this Mind Created Hologram has Physical particles of thought in it.  The Holograms we are creating in the labratories at the universities and other places has light and a medium in it.  By the end of 2017, it appears as there will be possible to extract physical matter from light Photons and put that inside a Hologram, so a Hologram will have Physical matter.  At least, the concept will be made public knowledge. 

Stay with me here, and we will get to what your future will be like.  The Mind creates everything in your life today, what you have experienced in the past, and what you will experience in the future.  So, what is most dominant in your Mind {I did not say the Brain} creates the time line pulling you up into your future.  But, than it would help to know what the future is and how it is created.  The future is still part of the illusion created by your Mind.  How does the Mind create the future ?  It does by thinking it, willing it, painting it, intending it, loving it, scaring it in to existence.  When you think of something you want, or are afraid of might happen in the future, you are visualizing it into existence and placing it in to the future.  In fact, you are giving it a low form of life, and placing the existence of this "thing" or "occurance" in to the time line of your present consciousness going in to the future.  When we think about something intensely enough in the future, and go back and think about it over and over again, we are being drawn up the time line to this "thing" or "occurance" we have created in the future.  And we will most likely be lead to it. 

This leads me to the next concept.  We may have created more than one future for ourselves.  How can that be ?  Here I have to lean on Quantum Physics and Spiritual Science.  Quantum Physics says this is very possible.  It sees more than one time line going in to the future, because of the Mind Created universe we are "living" in.  On the bases of Spiritual Science and what I saw, there may be more than one of you - - living in many time lines - - with different details and living conditions in it - - moving in to the future. 

Looking at these concepts, will challenge the Mind.  If we accept the concept, we also have to accept the fact that we are the creator of our future by the way we think and believe.  Now, we are no longer "Victims", but creators.  So it is obvious that it is very important what are the most dominant things in our Mind.  We should be conscious of this.  It does not mean that we should be going around with "Rose Colored Glasses", and accept every negative thing around us or what is ccoming into our "life" as part of our Destiny.  No, it is good to know who the enemy within our Mind is, because everything that happens, and you see around you, is in your Mind.  Understand the negative in your surroundings as part of a present, which you will not allow to be in your time line in to the future.  You can very well create your future the way you like it to be by visualizing, intending, thinking, loving it into existence. 

So, what ever is most dominant in your Mind - - that is what you will most likely have in your future.  So, start thinking positive, pleasant, fulfilling, creative thoufgts where you are creating great things for your family, friends, your community and mankind.  Wisualize what you want to happen, place it in the future, go visit it and think on it every day, put emotion - Love - vivid colorful pictures, - intention (be convinced it will happen), see other people enjoying it with you and work and do what you can to help it happen through your other efforts.  This way, you create your future the way you like it to be.  If you do all of this, it is difficult to fail.

To understand more of the mechanics of existence and designing the future, you may want to read the book: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access The Universal Consciousness". 

You can find it at:     

So now you know we are creating new time lines, or building and solidifying an old one, every day.  In fact, the myriades of time lines in the past show a myriad of different world situations.  In one, Nicola Tesla, and his technologies, were accepted and his science and inventions were used to change the course of mankind.  That is why in that time line no one really works much any more.  Society is automated.  People play, learn and enjoy themselves, and we travel among the stars by Quantum principles.  Another time line, an astroid hit earth in 1975 and most all life were extinguished.  There were colonies in the Himalayas, Andes and cavern inside the Earth where humans survived.  On the surface, life is slowly coming back.  The "Breakaway" society created by Black Projects within governments, as a joint venture between the US and Russia, were young at the time, but from their limited resources and base on the Moon, they are trying to rebuild "their" society after a very tyrannical Babilonian / Aninnaki system {not a good place to be} where "they" are in control of everything, and slave labor is used to a great extent.  

Now, learn how to Meditate {the book will teach you how} and go to work creating your future.  It really is simple (I did not say easy), because there is some effort on your part.