May. 15, 2016



There are some things Super Successful people do, and do not do, that unsuccessful people do not do, and do.  I know, there was a play on words here, but it will becone clear. 

Some of our habits control our "lives".  That can be a good thing, it we have good habits.  So there are some things we muct do, and some things we must not do.  EVERYONE have things in their "life", whice should be changed.  Everything starts in the Mind, and often does it start with the thought of: "What do I have to give up, in order to allow for the Universal Success Principles to unfold and do its work in my "life" ?  Here are some thoughts for you:

1.    Stop being afraid of change.  Change is good.  When there are good experiences, enjoy the rewards, be thankful and show gratitude.  Share the positive rewards of what is flowing from the Universal Storehouse of Creative Energies.  When there are something we would call "Negative" rewards, turn it around in your Mind, and look at it as a learning experience and an opportunity to create something different - - that would have a positive  effect on our "life" and your environment.

2.    Stop hanging around negative people.  That includes anyone - - including Family.  That does not mean you have to "fluch" them totally.  You can love them from a distance.

3.    Stop all your limiting thoughts and beliefs.  If you allow for the Universal Consciousness to fully work in your "life", there are no limitations.  The Universal Consciousness is a Force for Good.  Claim it.

4.    Stop dwelling on the past.  In your Physical existence, you no longer live there.  You may think about situations in the past, analyze them, extract positive things from it, and apply it to the future. 

5.    Stop worrying about the future.  Create the future you want in your Mind.  Do it in concept and detail, in vivid pictures, with emotion, with love, with gratitude as you already have it.  Place it completed in the future at a "Time-coded" event like a Christmas party or something like that.  This way you are giving it a low form of "life", and you will be drawn up the time-line to it.  Than you should do whatever you can do to help to see it completed.

6.   Stop all "negative" self talk.  There is a computer term: "Garbage in - - Garbage out". Your brain is the same.  It is a Super-Computer, and will take everything it is told as a fact.  Do not program your Mind with anything but positive commands.

7.    Stop all complaining.  It is a "negative" command to the Super-Computer at the top of your body.  AND IT WILL ACCEPT IT AS TRUTH, and act accodingly.  What do you think your Super-Computer" will "think" when you drop something on the floor, and brake it, and than tell yourself: " Ohhh - - sh@# - - I am such a clutz".  Will that expression help you be less of a clutz ?

8.    Stop needing to impress others.  Most people are not idiots.  They unerstand when we are bragging.  They also understand very well, when you are trying to "out-do" the other person's story.  It turns people off.  Humility my friend, Humility will draw people and goodwill to you.  It will open doors like you would never believe.  It goes along with my saying: "There are two things that goes to the bank.  One is money, and the other is Goodwill, and they have the equal value at different times."

9.    Stop blaming others.  They did not do it to you.  In this Universe, we are responsible for the way our "life" turns out.  Because, in a Universal sence, we are ONE.  Everything is connected.  Whatever happens in our "life", somewhere in our mental or spiritual fabric, we drew it to us by thinking it into existence.  OR - - the arrangement were made for this "thing" to happen, before we created the body.

10.   Stop needing to always be right.  It turns people off majorly.  Why ?  YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, and people will often know it.  If you speak with kind Humility, and admit you were wrong, and they were right, you will gain the people's goodwill for your honesty.

11.   Stop needing other people's approval.  The only one you should like to have approval from - - is you.  Because you - - is all there is - - in your Universe.  I know, it does not feel that way.  When you unrstand who you are, and what the Universe is, you may think different. 

You may do wisely to read this again.  Take notes, and start implementing some of the things.  Read it several times during the day, to enforce the new "software" programing on to the "hardware" of your Brain.  If you engage in habits of seeing, reading, and practising the new way you conduct yourself, YOUR WORLD WILL CHANGE. 

And than, learn how the Super Successes of the world condition their Mind, their thought processes, habits, principles and how they sometimes look like they create "miracles" out of seemingly "nothing".  It is all in this book: "Universal Success Principles and How Billionaires Think".  Read it, and your life will change - - if you practise what it teaches.

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