May. 23, 2016


YES IT CAN BE DONE.  There are people doing this today.  BUT - - you do not do this with the abilities and knowledge you got in school.  Do you remember back in school when the teacher told you: "Raed this chapter, and memorize it because you will have a test on it on Friday". How did you feel when that happened? Newvous?  We were afraid we would not remember everything.  Why?  Because no one had taugth us HOW TO REMEMBER.  Everyone assumes memorizing is automatic, and it actually is.  It is the recall method that is screwed up, and was never taugth to us. 

I have a favorite analogy.  If we took "Joe Blow" or "Harry Hohandle" who has never been in an airplane before, and put him in the left seat {the Captain's seat} in the cockpit of a Boeing 747-300 Airliner, and told him: "Let's go flying".  He would be looking around for 20 minutes before he would find the Electrical Master Switch.  Why?  Because he has never been taugth how to fly.  

It is the same thing with our Mind, memory, recall, assimilating information from books.  We have this enormously capable tool - - our Mind, and we have never been taugth how to use it.  It is not too late.  You can do what I did.  Train the Mind to do unbelieveble things AFTER you leave school - - or, if you are in school now, train your Mind now and you can very well end up at the head of your class.  It does not matter what grade level you are at now.  By using these methods of learning and recall, the information stream you are putting into your Mind is not broken up and clutterd with other stimuli, which hurts the recall process. 

Ok, here is alittle history.  20 some years ago, I went through training and took one year and traveled around the country teaching a Mind Development Course, now called: ZOXPro.  You will find it at    It was probably the most rewarding thing I have done in my whole life, and is largely responsible for much of what I have been able to do in the last 25 years.  

In this course, we taugth people how to assimilate information from books or written material, at the rate of 50,000 to 100,000 words per minute with 95 % retention.  This is too fast to be called "reading".  You are flying through the book at 100,000 wpm, and your eyes take a mental picture of the pages and put them directly in to Long Term Memory.  It bypasses Short Term Memory all together.  Later, you use "triggers", and you bring out the memory of what you have Photographed".  

We taugth them Mental Photography, Mind Management, Visualization for health and good things in your life, principles of Photographic Memory, and a lot of other things.  The key to these abilities are manipulation of our brain wave patterns, which everyone can do, is called Mental Photography.  There are some specific methods to this, and it is not taugth in sckools.  The methods are very simple and everyone can do it.  The year I was traveling around teaching this course, I was probably "reading" over 1,000 books.  The knowledge I gained from that, I still have access to, and use, today. 

Because what I have done with it, I can highly recommend it.  If you start doing the course, remember:  Nothing is free.  There is some effort involved on your part.  You have to practise some.  That is not much of a price to pay for these kinds of rewards.  If you are interested in:

Better grades in school - - Photographic memory - - "reading" at the rate of 50,000 to 100,000 words per minutes ( two pages a second) - - perfecting recall of memory - - meditative practice for better health - - Mind organization and a few other things, you should go to the web site of ZOXPRO, and study it.  You will find it at:  

This kind of knowledge is very close to my heart, so I will be glad to hear from you, with your questions or concerns.

Have fun with it, and impress your schoolmates, coworkers and neighbors.