Jun. 3, 2016


DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER ?  Well, I can not promise that, because if you step in front of a bus doing 70 mph. or play stupid games like "Russian Roulette", all bets are off.  Still, it is obvious "Man" has the capacity for immortality, or at least very old age.  I found a man who was 256 years old, a woman who was 191 years old, another man who was 154 years old, and their ages were verified by their governments.  Yes, it is possible.  A few years ago the Nobel Price was given for the discovery of an Enzyme which Reverses the Aging Process, and no one seems to know about it.  Read my other articles and listen to my Radio Shows on "Immortality" on this Blog site, and you will know what to do.  This post is more concerned about keeping you healthy, and what to do when you "catch something". 

THERE IS A PLANT,  and the Egyptians called it "the Immortality Plant".  The Native Americans called the plant "The Wand of Heaven".  

I DID THE RESEARCH,  and this is what I find in the writings of Doctors and the Medical Journals, so I am just reporting on it.  After what I have read, it appears to me as it should be an Absolute Must Have in every home. 

This plant is a Sure Find Remedy for scrapes - cuts - Pink eye - sore throat - gum disease - intestinal problems - herpis - and has Bradykinase to reduce Inflamation anywhere in the body, and it is a quick fix for a myriad of other things.  It ranks right up there with Colloidal Silver and Cannabis.  

The plant is full of Polysaccarides, vitamines, enzymes, amino acids, minerals and some 200 Biologically Active, Naturally occuring substances.  The "Journal of Environmental Science and Health say this plant is Anti Bacterial - Anti viral - Anti fungal - and it boost the Immune system and Clenses the body (what else do we have to worry about?).  It has several Enzymes which break down sugar and fat molecules so the body can absorb it as nutrients, and has all the Minerals the body needs.  It is a detoxifier for all pollutants and great for Arthiritis.  It also has 20 essential Amino Acids, which are totally required for the body to be healthy.

If I was you, I would go to a store which sells plants and buy a few of them. If you have no place to keep the plants, you can buy the juice from them at the Health Food Store.  Once you have a few, keep them in a pot and outside in the summer, and take them inside if it gets very cold in the winter. The plant does not need much water, so it will do just great in the South West desert of the USA.

And yes, the plant is the ALO VERA.