Jun. 19, 2016


WE ALL KNOW WE NEED TO EAT, otherwise we will die - - right ?  Hmmmmm- - maybe not.  Have you ever heard of Sun Gazing ?  It is not very well known off, but it can do some really amazing things for you.  Sun Gazing will give you abilities to do things most people would call "Super-Human".  Living without food is one of those abilities, strong telepathic abilities is another, bi-location, healing benefits is also part of it.  Sun Gazing is an old practise that dates back thousands of years, both in the far east and the Americas.  

This is a real phenomenon, and NASA confirms it.  There is a "medical condition" called the "HRM Phenomenon".  This came about because of a man named Hira Ratan Manek who participated in a medical study at University of Pensylvania, commissioned by NASA.  There he was observed 24/7 without eating any food for 100 days.  He just drank water and an occasional glass of Buttermilk every two weeks or so.  He carried on with his intellectual work - - writing, and he thrived.  Most people would be dead long before the 100 days without food.  At, and through, a hospital in India, he was observed 24/7 for 411 days without food.  Just water, salts, and a rare glass of Buttermilk every week or two.  When the study in India was over, it was written up in their Medical journal - - but they did not have a name for the "condition", so they named the "HRM Phenomenon".

Sun Gazing is a very precise practise, based on a protocol of activity that must be followed.   It starts with letting Sun light in to your eyes by looking directly at the Sun.  This must be done when the Sun is just rising above the horizon in the morning and when the Sun sets in the evening.   This way most of the Ultra Violet light is filtered out. If the Sun is more than 45 minutes above the horizon, you must not do it.  It can hurt your eyes.  You must be in direct contact with the Earth, preferably barefoot.  You should do your practise in the morning and the evening.  It is reccomended that you start with just a few seconds of looking at the Sun.  Just 5 sec. - - or up to 10 sec. the first time, all depending on how sensitive your eyes are to light.  From there you increase only a few seconds every day, 5 - 7 - 10 whatever the person you are learning from tells you.  When you get to a point where you are looking at the sun for 45 minutes, do not increase any more.  Actually, you should not be looking directly at the Sun.  Your focus should be rotating around the perefery of the Sun Corona Disc.  After 3 months you should have increased your Sun Gazing to about 15 min - - 6 months 30 minures - - 9 months 45 minures.

After a short while, you can start cutting back on the food.  This is something you should not start out with on your own.  Some people tells us they have no need for food after 9 months,  others a little longer.  Your body will tell you what you need.  Allow the appetite to disappear naturally.  Do not force it, by quitting to eat suddenly.  

Why does this work this way ?  During the first 3 month you are doing this, the Sun light coming through your eyes is charging your Hypothalamus with energy.  The Hypothalamus is passing much of the energy through to the test of the brain and wakes up many of its latent hormone production and abilities.  One of the first indicators that you are on the right track is that your stress will go away.  You will have calmer thinking, sharper mind, you will start to have insights of things there otherwise no way you should have.  You are tapping into the Universal Consciousness.  After 3 to 6 months, there are reports of physical ailments goin away.  All the colors in the light spectre help to rebuild the organs.  That also means rebuilding the Telomeres at the end of the Chromosomes.  That stops the aging process.  (Immortality is more than that.  You must also have your mind right, understand the Hologram (movie) we are living in, and not have false beliefs in "death" and religions.

After 9 months you should start to feel like you have a "new brain".  You should feel charged up all the time with lots of energy to do what you need to do.  You will need less sleep, and not be tired.  During all this, you should walk barefoot on the Earth for 45 minutes per day.  And the 45 minutes of being barefoot on the Earth is a very imourtant aspect of the practise.  

Now, before you start practising any of this, make sure you are educated on it.  There are books you can read and convensions where most the people are Sun Gazers.  Read and study, and if you decide you like to do it, you will have "quite a ride" - - - -.

And yes, I did it for about 9 months - - half of it.  I only did it in the morning because the sun-up was more accessible to me.  It was more difficult catching the Sun going down.  I feel I had some interesting efects from it.  Of course, I was doing other things also. so it was difficult to distinguish which came from what.  BOT, Sun Gazing is real for the ones who like to do it.


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Good luck.  Have fun with it.