Aug. 14, 2016


WHAT ARE WE DOING to ourselves when we allow into our lives: Stress - envy - anger - greed - grief, and other thoughts and feelings of lower vibreations ?

Maybe this can give you a new perspective:  If you are holding a glass of water, and ask anyone:  "How much does this water weigh ?"  There will be answers ranging from: nothing to a half of a pound or so.  The thing is that it does not matter how much the water weigh.  What matters is how long I hold it.  If I hold it for one minute, there is no big deal.  Five minutes is fine.  If I hold it for an hour, the arm will start to weaken and ace.  If I try to hold it for a day, the arm will give up and most likely be severely damaged.  BUT, the weight of the glass is the same.  The longer I hold it, the heavier the glass will be to me - - and the more it will hurt my arm. 

It is exactly the same thing with anger, greed, envy and stress and the rest of the other low vibrational thoughts and feelings.  It is just like the glass of water. 

You can hold anger and stress for a few minutes - a day or so, but if you let it go, you will recover quickly.  The longer you hold thouse thoughts and feelings, the heavier it will be on your mind and the more it will hurt you and drag you down.  If you hold it for weeks - months - years, it will consume you and destroy you.  It will kill all your creative abilities, initiative, self esteem, love for yourself and others and your ability to live a happy life.  

Remember, both Quantum Physics and Spiritual Science has proven that we live in a Mind Created Universe, so everything is created by the Mind.  If hatrage, anger, greed and stress is in your mind all the time, that is all you will have in your life.  Let it go.  It is not important.  Forgive whoever "did something to you".  They did not.  You did, by thinking it into your life.  A very learned and wise man said 2,300 years ago:  "It is not the bad thing that happens to you that bothers you.  It is your thoughts of the bad things that happend to you that bothers you".   

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