Sep. 1, 2016


WE ARE TOLD that the IRS will charge us $ 100 per year, as a penalty, if we do not participate in the Federally mandated "OBAMACARE".  According to other federal Law and U.S. Supreme Court Rulings, that would be illegal.  The only way they can legally mandate you to do anything that costs money, is if they are paying for it. 

Therefore, there was passed into law, and implemented into effect, a clear written law that explains THERE IS NO penalty for not participating in the "OBAMACARE" program.  "Google" it and check this out for yourself.  Look it up in: 42 U.S. Code Paragraph 18115 .  Here is a link to the text:   

Paragraph 18115 is called : "Freedom not to participate in federal health insurance programs".

It reads: "No individual, company, business, nonprofit entity, or health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall be required to participate in any federal health insurance program created under this act (or any maendments made by this act) or in any federal health insurance program expanded by this act (or any such amendments) and there shall be no penalty or fine imposed upon any such issuer for not to participate in such programs.

(Pub. L. 111 148, title 1, Paragraph 1555, Mar. 23, 2010 124 Stat. 260)

I do not participate in "OBAMACARE", and this is what I would do:  If I get a letter stating they have assessed a fine for not participating, I will send them a "Notice of Violation of Federal Law" notifying them of the law and give them 30 days to answer.  I will also notify them there is a $ 1,000.00 fine for them if they do not follow the law and answer within the time provided for by law (30 days).  I will also notify them there is a $ 1,000.00 fine for every month they are trying to extort an unlawful penalty from me.  If I hear nothing in 30 days (they will not answer), I will send them a new invoice (bill) with a "Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure", and give them 30 days to answer.  If I hear nothing in 30 days, I will send them a "Notice of Default and Opportunity to Cure", and give them another 30 days to correct the unlawful claim for the penalty.  If I hear nothing for 30 days, I would send them a "Default Judgment" as per procedure outlined in "The Uniform Commercial Code" (UCC), and give them 30 days to correct.  If I hear nothing in 30 days, I would have a Perfected Claim, which could be perfected into a "Perfected Lien" if filed with the County Recorder.  From then on, I would send them an invoice with the balance of their debt of the increasing $1,000.00 every month.  When I think the debt is big enough, I could take it to Superior Court and request a Declaratory Judgment of the correctness of the process of establishing the debt.  I can get that.  Any time from than on I can subtract this debt from your other taxes, and they would be obligated to do so.

I know many would say: "I don't want to get on the bad side of the IRS".  You already are.  In the "War Powers Act", the people were made the "Enemy of the State".  They own you.  In order to expect changes for the good in our society, we must visualize good outcome of our actions, stand up and not allow incompetent and corrupt government to continue to abuse us.  Otherwise, we will be in a timeline where abuse is expected, and it will be there to stay. 

Albert Einstein said it best:  "This Society will not be destroyed by the people who do bad things, but by the people who do NOTHING to stop the people who do bad things". 

President Eisenhower explained it well also in his words: "Sooner or later the people will want peace so much that the governments will have to get out of their way and give it to them". 

To learn more about the Mind and how to visualize the future into existence, read this book:  

Put your mind to work.  Visualize good things and success.  The Mind is what creates everything around you.  Create what you like to see.   So - - - what are you going to do ?