Sep. 17, 2016


AS MANY OF YOU have figured out by now, I do not make notes before I write.  It comes straight from the Mind.  And - - for those of you who look for spelling errors, I have placed a few of them in the different articles I write for your enjoyment and pleasure.  I sure enjoy them, when I discover where I placed them. 


I am writing this short article primarily for a good friend, who could use the help right now. 

Have you ever heard of Dr. and therapist Ihaleakala Hew Len ?  He was a Therapist at an Insane Asylum for the Criminally Insane in Hawaii.  It was crowded with patients there, when he came.  There was none, when he left.  And he cured every one of them without seeing anyone of them.  Never even talked to them (! ! ! !).  After he cured them all, they shut down the Insane Asylum.  HOW CAN THAT BE ?  No, I am not joking. 

This is a fact, and a very well documented occurance.  Dr. Hew Len is a practisioner of the ancient Hawaien method of healing called Ho'Oponopono, which in the old Hawaien language means "To make right" or in English it could be interpreted as "To Cure".  Dr. Hew Len understood the Mind and the Universe we live in.  Because of this understanding he knew he could affect the Mind of the patients from a "distance", without physically being in their presence - - by simply altering his own errors and faults in his own Mind, because he also understood We Are All One.  While correcting his own errors and faults and keeping the patients also in his Mind, he was able to correct the thinking, behavour and mindset of the patients, because they were one. 

OK, I know this sounds "far out there", but the "proof is in the pudding".  IT DID HAPPEN.  And the best part of this story is that - - you can do the same.  If you do not already know about this, the first thought you should have is: "How" ?  Always, when we are learning something new, it helps to learn from someone.  In this case, it is so simple that a child can do it - - and they are usually more successful, sooner, because they do not have all the false beliefs and are not indoctrinated with as many  limitations as are us adults.

With Ho'Oponopono, you can heal yourself and others.  It does not matter how "bad" the situation is.  You have to remember what the "situation" is.  This "situation" is only an expression of an aspect of a life lesson your Mind created.  Remember two things: 

1)  The reason we are on this "ball of mud" called Earth, is because we created our life situation so we could have life experiences, learn and expand our Spiritual capacity by having experiences - - "good" or "bad", does not matter. 

2)  Science has proven that we live in a Mind Created Universe, and everything you see and experience around you is a Mind Created Holographic Illusion.

So, if it all is Mind created, it all comes back to the Mind, and whatever we think about and allow to dwell in our Mind the most, is what we will have in our existence.  Dr. Hew Len knew this, and he placed into the Quantum Field or the "Soup od Creation", where everything past, present and future is just sitting there as potentials for creation, thoughts of Love, Gratitude, Wellness, Forgiveness.  Dr. Len also knew the Self Aware Universe (God) would take care of the rest because of Universal Law. 

There is four extremely simple steps to Ho'Oponopono:

1)  Tell the Self Aware Universe:  "I Love You".  Remember you have heard the expression: "God is Love".  This means you have Love in you, and you give of it freely.

2)  Tell the Self Aware universe: "I Am Sorry".  This show Repentence for upsetting the balance in the Universe, by thoughts or action in the Physical.

3)  Tell the Self Aware Universe: "Please forgive me".  This show Humility.

4)  Tell the Self Aware Universe: "Thank You":  It show you are greatful for what you have in your existence.  Be thankful for everything, your house, people in your life, your health, and - - be thankful for what you will have and create in the future. 

It would help in a great way if you understand how the Universe operate, Universal law which will create for you, the creation process and how to manifest good things in your existence.  To gain these understandings, it would also help if you have read a book called: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking and How to Access the Universal Consciousness".  It will explain everything to you.  Go to AMAZON at: , and read the Customer Reviews.  One even claims it is better than "The Secret", because of simplicity and explanation.

This book explains what the Universe is, how it works, the language of prayer, what are we, how to manifest, and when you understand that (or remember again), the method of healing called Ho'oponopono becomes very simple and effective. 

A wiser man than I, said several thousand years ago: "It is your Universe, so you have all the right to change it".  Go and chnge your Universe ..........