Sep. 25, 2016


WE HAVE ALL HEARD the saying: "There is more between Heaven and Earth than we can understand.  Yes, and the more we learn - - the more questions we have.  In ages past, life was so simple - - when we did not even know the questions to ask.

On September 23, 1880, there was an incredible occurance.  David Lang was a farmer in Gallatin, Texas.  On this memorable day, ne walked across his front yard and onto an open field and suddenly disappeared into thin air.  This was observed by his wife, children and two men riding a buggy close by on the road.  The witnesses searched long, wide and hard, but David Lang was never to be seen again. 

After a few days, the grass, in a 15 foot radius around the spot where David Lang disappeared turned yellow and died.  From that, it could be suggested that David got caught up in some sort of energy that brought him out of this Physical existance. 

One day, seven months later, the children was playing near the spot where their father disappeared and claimed to have heard their father's voice calling out for "Help".  After a short time is faded out and was never heard from again. 

After a few decades, people forgot about it until a man named Frank Edwards found out about the story.  He started to investigate, looking through newspaper clippings, records, and interviews with people who knew the Lang family.  He wrote a book about the incident.  The title is: "Stranger Than Science", and it was printed in 1959. It was also written up in another book: "Strange Mysteries of Time and Space", by Harold Wilkins in 1958. 

Here is a section from the book: "Stranger Than Science", and it summarizes what happened: 

"David Lange had not taken more than half a dozens stepd when he disappeared in full view of all those present.  Mrs. Lang screamed.  The children, to startled to realize what had happened, stood mutely.  Instinctively, they all ran towards the spot where Lang had last been seen a few seconds before.  Judge Peck, and his companion, the judge's brother-in-law, scrambled out of their buggy and raced across the field.  The five of them arrived on the spot of Lang's disappearence almost simontaneously.  There was not a tree, not a bush, not a hole to mar the surface.  And there was not a single clue to indicate what had happened to David lange.

The groups searched the fields around and around and found nothing.  Mrs. Lang became hysterical and had to be led into the house.  Meanwhile, the neighbors had been alerted by the frantic ringing of a huge bell that stood in the side yard, and they spread the alarm.  By nightfall scores of people were on the scene, many of them with lanterns.  They searched every foot of the field in which Lange last had been seen a few hours before.  They stamped their feet on the dry hard sod in hope of detecting some hole into which he might have fallen, but they found none.

David Lange was gone.  He had vanished in full view of his wife, his two children and the two men in the buggy.  One second he was there, walking across the sunlit field, the next instant, he was gone." 

Well, this is the way the book reads.  What makes this story so unique, is the five witnesses - - including a judge.  people disappear all the time, but they are usually alone.

Over the decades, some people have tried to debunk this story, but the written testimonies from the witnesses and the fact that David Lang never surfaced anywhere again in the USA, as anyone knows, I select to believe it is true.  

There are scientific explanations which could throw some light on this incident.  There are portals, energy centers, vortexes, usually located on intersections of Laylines or on large rockbeds of Crystal Quartz.  These portals are not constant.  They can move around, often along the Laylines. Since the children could hear him once after he disappeared, I could imagine he was trapped in a form of Space Time Warp, and it would not be just an Alien Obduction.  If that were the case, he would no longer be there. 

So, what do you think ? ? ?

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