Oct. 20, 2016


I JUST DID AN INTERVIEW ON the Radio show: "MIDNIGHT IN THE MIDLAND", at www.midnightinthemidlands.com  We went into "every corner of the Universe", and I promised to put up a list of the Herbs and Berries the 256 year old man in China was eating and living on.  I am sure he ate other things also at times, but here is a list of what I have found:

1)  Lingzhi,  2)  Goji Berries,  3)  Wild Ginseng,  4)  He sho wu,  5)  Gotu Cola,  6)  Jiaogulan Tea,  7)  Astragalus.

I am not taking all of this, but I am taking what medical research has shown will reverse the Aging process.  I will make a Post on this site of what I am taking and what I do in a day or so ob to this Blog. 

I have researched the Herbal stores in the country, and I have found one that has the best prices because they are so big and impot the herbs by the Ton. If you use my Code, you will even have a 10% discount off the prices lised.  The Code is:  AAK6NP.