Oct. 28, 2016


TIME TRAVEL, or also called Time Slip, is one of my favorite subjects to explore.  There are many accounts - - verified accounts - - of these things happening.  I have my own experiences, and that is why I give it such a high grade of possibility.  I know many of you are forward thinking people, and you most likely have asked yourself, at some time; "Was that real ?  How could that happen ? 

There are many written accounts in history, and of reasent day, where the time does not match the situation - - missing time - - frozen time - - visions of a future that later happened.  I ran across an incident of "Timeslip" over in Europe.  It was reported by two ladies of impeccible character, and they explain their experience.  This story is better written by a person who has included this incident in a book.  Therefore, I am giving you a link to the story.  If you are interested in Time Travel, history - - specifically European history, you will like this one.  Please click below:


And if you are interested in knowing more about the mechanics of Time Travel, read the book pictured here.  Please enjoy.