Nov. 3, 2016


FIRST I must say that I am not a doctor.  I am not prescribing any of the substances I may be mentioning, and none of this information should be construed as Medical Advice.  We know that a specific health substance may give different reactions for different people because of their medical and fyciological composition.  As with any medical condition, you may do your own research as I have, but also consult a Medical Professional.  That would be the wise thing to do.  A Medical professional, is not only a Doctor.  It may be a Chiropractor, Nutricionist, Naturopathic Doctor etc.  What I am writing about here, is from my own experience and what I have gleened from Medical Jourlals, New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, books written by Health Professionals, and research papers.

This could be a long Article, because I plan to supplement and update it from time to time when there is new information and I feel it is approbriate.

STAYING HEALTHY CAN BE VERY TRICKY when we buy "Pretend Food" full of chemicals, poisons and neuro toxins at the grocery store, when the water we drink has one of the most toxic substances on Earth - Flouride - in it, many are working two or three jobs and loaded down with stress, so the immune system is less than half as effective of what it could be, and we have not been shown how reduce the stress and plan a more calming and successful future. 

We know, the human body is a "Self correcting Machine", and if it is given the raw materials to rebuild itself, it will do that.  The problem is that almost none of us give the body what it needs.  On top of that most of us are abuse ourselves in every way imaginable.  This must change.

So where do we start ?  Let me start with what cutting edge Medical Science now show it takes to stay healthy and never get sick.  We can deal with how to Reverse the Aging Process as explained in other cutting edge Medical Science, and what I do to stay healthy always.

We are what we eat, right ?  Not necessesarily.  We can be a lot more than what we eat.  Ask any "Sun-Gazer".  I know Sun-Gazers which has not had any food in several years.  They just drink water, sometimes juice, take minerals - including Trace Minerals and salts while continuing their daily tasks.  Oh yes, this is real.  Research it under "HRM Syndrom" or Sun Gazing, and you will see.  I have started Sun Gazing again.  I did it before, for several months, but than I quit because we have to allocate time to do it in the morning and / or in the evening. And of course, we have to see the sun.

Good health is no accident.  It has to be studied, coaxed, loved and practised every day.  OK, so we run in the ditch once in a while.  After that, we get back on the road again and continue on the good solid paved road as we did before.

Here is something you need to know:  In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg received the NOBEL PRICE for discovering that No Virus and anarobic bacteria could live in a heavy oxygeneted environment.  When we breathe, we pull air / Oxygen in to our lungs.  That goes in to the airsacks in the lungs and gets transferred in to the blood, and from there it goes with the blood to everywhere in the body.  The problem is that the air does not have enough Oxygen any more to help us stay healthy.  Normal clean air can have 21 - 22 % Oxygen.  Air samples in Tokyo, China and California has measured Oxygen content down to 5 %. 


You could carry around an Oxygen tank.  People in Beijing China have been known to do that.  There are "purse-size" Oxygen tanks.  Well, that does not really work.  You could do like Michael jackson did and sleep in an Oxygen chamber.  No, that is not practical either.  You could train yourself to breathe deeper, so you could get more Oxygen that way.  And yes, that would work.  What I do, is something different.  Several decades ago a Marshal Art Master told me: "If you do this one thing, you will never be sick."  I have done "this one thing", and I have never really been sick.  Well, I have had some well deserved hangovers and a rare cold, which I got rid off quickly.  It is based on the principle that when you flood the blood with Oxygen, it gets everywhere in the body and kills the Virus and Anaerobic Bacteria.  I sit down and Hyperventilate for 3 to 5 minutes.  What I do is to take 20 deep breaths.  Than I become slightly dizzy.  I than breathe normal until it starts going away.  Than I take another 10 - 15 deep breaths, what ever it takes to be slightly dizzy again.  When I feel the dizziness going away, I increase my breathing until I am slightly dizzy again.  I keep doing this for 3  to 5 minutes.  This floods the blood with Oxygen, and it seems to kill off any Virus or bacteria that could make me feel bad or make me ill.  This works for me.  In fact the stories I have from other people, using this method are numerous.  Just one the other day.  A good friend in Germany came down with the Influenza.  At the end of the first day she did this once, and the second day several times.  She said the Influenza went away in two days - from the time she got it.  When did you last have the Influenza go away in two days ?  Of course, this was just a coincidence.  It always is a coincidence when ever it happens this way.  Just ask any doctor, they will tell you.


THIS IS WHAT I DO:  Probably 80% of my food is Raw Natural Foods - - normally.  There are times when I "sin" gravely against that.  That is mostly during the times when I have visitors here at the house, or go out to dinner.  Specially at my two favorite places here in Tucson, "Red Lobster" and "Sushi Garden".  And what kind of food do they have there ?  Yes, it is COOKED food.  Normally, 80% of my food is Raw Natural UNCOOKED Food.  What happens to the food when you cook it ?  YOU KILL IT.  You kill all the Enzymes and destroy most Amino Acids, which are so totally NECESSARY to maintain a healthy body.  Without it, we will become sick  - - sooner or later. I understand that in most countries in the world there is a lot more expensive to eat Natural Organic Foods.  Consider this, I have found that Genetically Modified Foods (GMO FOODS) does not have the correct receptor cites to absorbe the nutrients in to the cells.  With other words, the body does not recognize it as food, so it mobilizes it's immune systen to fight it.  Consider also this, Genetically Modified Tomatos may have the genetic implant of strands of genetics from spiders.  They did this successfully, because spiders will not eat anything with its own genetics.  Still want to eat GMO Tomatos ?  If people only knew how important it is to eat Natural foods, they would get the Natural foods anyway, no matter the cost.  Maybe just eat less.  There are many inexpensive Natural foods like beens, Brown rice, local fruit etc. to be had.

I only eat two meals per day (sometimes only one).  I never eat breakfast, but I do drink two glasses of water in the morning.  This helps the organs to strat working at full capacity again, after dehydrating and evaporating about a glass of moisture over the night.  The first meal is always a big bowl of Raw Oatmeal.  I put milk on it, and about equivalent to an "alcohol shot glass" of Honey.  Remember, Honey is the only food on Earth that does not rot or decay because of all the Propolis in it, which is a tremendous bacteria - Virus and Cancer fighter.  I have read medical research from Europe stating that people who ate One Bowl of Oatmeal every day of their life, live on the avearge of 11 years linger than those who do not.  The only thing to consider is that if they are smart enough to do that, they are smart enough to do other things also - - which, in addition, could help to extend their life.  But still, the Oat Meal is a big part of this. 

CLEAN YOUR LYMPH SYSTEM, because it is so simple.

A clean Lymph System is SO important.  It takes the pollutants away from the sells of the body and expells it.  If the Lymph System is clogged, you are going to get sick.  The best way I know, and what I do, is to jump on the Trampoline.  I have a small 4 foot diameter Trampoline here.  I have done it pretty much every day, but now I will be doing a lot more of it.  Writing this article, and Christine over in England who has been telling me to get with it and do more of it, woke me up the fact that I am not doing enough.  Starting out on the Trampoline, do not start with a half hour session.  You will probably flush out too much pollutants right away, you may start to feel bad, have low energy and such.  Start with a few minutes for a few days. Than increase it a few minutes in increments.  This way you will fluch it steadily.  If you do not have a Trampoline, you can do small jumps in place.  The Trampoline is very good exercise.  The cells in the body needs to flex and stretch.  Because the cells are filled with a fluid or substance inside the cell walls, when you jump, the fluid or substance inside is stretching and strengthening the cell wall.


If your body become acidic, with a PH value of less than 7 PH, you will get sick.  If your PH value is from 4 PH to 6 PH, medical research show there is only a matter of time before you bill come down with a major illness. That could be anything from Cancer to MS to Diabetes - you take your pic. Go to the Pharmacy and get PH Test strips, so you can check your self what your PH is.

If you eat Raw Natural Foods, the body will stay Alkaline.  Specially if you eat a lot of green leafy food like Collard Green, or any other dark green colored vegetable.  Also dark red foods like Red pepper, Beets etc is extremely good to keep you Alkaline and your blood healthy.

Did you know that in 2009 the Nobel Price was given for the discovery of an Enzyme that Reverses the Aging Process ?  And nobody seems to know about it.  This should be the most important health news in ANY Century.  This means that now, Medical science are telling us that - "Technically" - we now can live "forever".  This is not just me saying this.  In the compilation of research papers filed with the Nobel Committee, it is stated something to the effect:  If we had enough of this Enzyme, Telomerase, in the body, there is no reason why anyone need to die from old age any more.  This is Immortality.  Some of may not even want that, but what we may want is a long, healty, disease free life until 120 - 150 - or even 200 years of age.

Let me first explain what causes Aging and Death.  It is a combination of 3 things: A Genetic Disorder, Nutritional deficiency, and a Mental Illness.  The result is that Aging happens every time each cell in your body replicate / divide itself, the TELOMERES at the end of the Chromosomes is getting a little shorter.  After a while the Telomeres are getting so short that the Chromosomes are fraying at the ends.  This makes it impossible for the cells to replicate / divide to create new cells.  Therefore, you get stuck with old cells in the body, and you start to look and feel older and older.  When this continues, the old cells are "piling up" and they are "winning" - - and you die.

There are 3 ways to Reverse the Aging Process and avoid htis:

1)    Take the Enzyme, Telomerase or the Pharmaceutical eviquilant: TA-65.  It is rather expensive and could set you back $400 per month.

2)    Use the Natural Herbal Method to obtain the same results.  Many medical studies has shown it to be as good or better than YA-65.  You can read much more about this in the book: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking and How to Access the Universal Consciousness".

3)    And since we live in a Mind Created Universe, as now has been proven, we can slow down the aging, and even reverse it by the way we think and what we allow to dwell in the mind. 

This new science of healing with the mind, is called "Epigenetics".  There is a book that explain how "Epigenetics" works and how effective it is.  The book is: "How to Reprogram your Health for Optimum Health".  On page 99 it explains that Astragalus is the most important ingredient in Reversing the Aging, and must be taken in large doses.

With this in mind, I know humans has the capacity for long life.  In the 1950's there was a Chinese university professor who came to New York on a Cultural Exchange program from China.  One evening he went out with some collagues to have dinner, he ate, got food poisoning and died.  When he got to the morgue, they went through his papers and found he was 154 years old.  They called the Chinese Ambassodor, ans said there is something wrong with his papers, because it shows him to be 154 years old.  The Ambassador told them it was correct.  The person at the morgue asked: "How can that be"?  The Ambassador told them it was si,ple.  The Professor did not think he could die.  And he only ate Chinese herbs and berries.

And than, there was this other man from China.  he was an Herbalist and Martial Art Instructor for the Chinese army for as long as anyone could remember.  The Chinese government did verify his age several times, even gratulation letters on his 150th and 200th birthday.  He was 256 years old when he died in an accident.  When he was asked how he became so old, he mostly answered in general terms: "My thoughts and my food keeps me young".

These people obviously did not live like the masses do.  I did a lot of digging, and found some interesting things.  First their mind was positive and solid in it's understanding of who they were, and what is possible - - . Than, I found out what the 256 year old man ate.  This an incomplete list, because I am sure there was other things also on the menu from time to time.  He ate herbs called Lingzhi, Wild Ginseng, He sho wu, Gotu Cola, Jiaogulan (the Chinese Immortality herb), and the most important: Astragalus.  He also ate a lot of Goji Berries.  Astragalus is the most important herb for Reversing the Aging Process.  Medical research has found that is we take it together with Wild Ginseng, it has a large multiplying effect.




1)   First, I take one teaspoon of Baking Soda (Sodium BiCarbonate) in the morning, and in the evening to Alkalize the body to a constant 8 on the PH scale.  No bacteria or virus can live in an Alkaline environment.

2)   One heaping tea spoon of Astragalus Powder in the morning and in the evening.  This is the main ingredient in boosting your bodys own ability to produce enough "Telomerase" so the Telomeres can grow back, which will allow the cells to divide / replicate themselves. I buy the Astragalus by the pound from .  I have researched herbal stores, and found this one to be the best and have the best prices in the USA.  If you use my Discount Code, you will even have a 10% discount.  The Discount Code is: AAK6NP.

3)   I take two good size capsules of Wild Ginseng in the morning and same in the evening.  This is called the "Immortality Herb" in China.

4)   I take one tablet of Jiaogulan.  This is called the "Immortality Herb" in China.

5)   I take two capsules of Cayenne Pepper in the morning and same in the evening.  It clenses the blood , and keeps the arteries clean.

6)   I also take a couple of capsules of Flax Seed Oil in the morning and same in the evening.  It helps bind nutrients.

7)   I take five drops of Lugold's Iodine in the morning and same in the evening.  The body needs Iodine, because it does not get it from the food, unless we eat a lot of fish.

8)   I take one capsule of Sulfuraphane in the morning and same in the evening.  Sulfur is essential to a healthy body, because we do not get it in the food, unless we live on Island which has volcanic soil.

9)   I take one cap full of Liquid Trace Minerals, since the soil is totally depleted of these Rare Earth Minerals.  The Physical body can not live healthy without the Trace Minerals.  This is the same problem in most all countries in the world.

To get the rest of the story on how the body and the Mind interact, and how to do it, check out my book:

So, now you know a little.  If you are actually planning to Reverse your Aging process, and extend your life, you will help yourself a lot by understanding how the mind interacts with the body, as explained by the science of "Epigenetics".  Once you read my book on haling and how this works, you will understand, and you can make it work as I do. 

Best wishes, and go for it.