Feb. 27, 2017


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED what benefits you can have for your - Body - Mind - and Soul, by pratising QiGong ?  If you have vondered about it, you need to read this.  If you have not wondered about it, you should have,  so it anyway. 

This is a short explanatory article written by a QiGong Teacher, Roxanne Reynolds, in Phownix Arizona.  Also visit her web site and see what is there for you.

And here it is, Please enjoy:


Discover your Natural Healing Powers Through The Art of Qigong




If you desire more vitality, better overall health, improved breathing capacity, or if you are dealing with any chronic disease, then Qigong is for you. The Grandmother of all Traditional Chinese Medicines, Qigong is an ancient system of slow energetic movement, body positioning, meditation and breathing methods that were developed centuries ago in China to strengthen the body, stimulate the flow of blood and improve the circulation of Qi, the energy of life that flows through all living things. This medical/health practice translated means “breathing exercise.” or “energy exercise.”




In Qigong you use, Body Alignment/Movement, Breathing Exercise, Self Applied Massage and Relaxation/Meditation to increase the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. It enhances the elimination of waste products as well as the transportation of immune cells throughout the lymph system. And it shifts the chemistry of the brain and the nervous system. Qigong is one of the most powerful self healing traditions ever developed in human history. It truly is a health wonder of the world.




Recent studies conclusively prove the effectiveness and power of the mind in relationship to our health. When chronically stressed our body remains in a fight or flight mode, raising our blood pressure and causing anxiety, yet while practicing Qigong, a relaxation response is initiated, generating a release of our bodies own medicine, our own natural healing elixir. And with that release a feeling of peace embodies us.




With Qigong practice you can expect a well coordinated balance of the right/left brain hemisphere promoting deeper sleep, reduced anxiety, and mental clarity. Qigong helps regulate blood pressure, in addition to improving ones balance and flexibility. Most of Qigong can be done sitting and standing so it's for everyone regardless of age or physical condition.






Roxanne Reynolds




Integral Qigong and Tai Chi Teacher