Apr. 29, 2017


HAVING CHRONIC PAIN ? Arthritis pain, Head aches, Toot aches, Fibromyalgia, Premenstrual occasional pain, Inflammation or just "ache" all over ?
If so, there is some new research coming out of Europe that you should know about. Do you remember me saying: "If you want to find some of the truth, start reading foreign (non US) newspapers / publications ? I found this in: "European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine". This explains why there is no Cancer and Arthritis in India. And you would say: "Yes, but there is Cancer in India". I agree, BUT - - almost entirely among the people who live in New Deli, Bangalore or bigger cities where people are stupid enough to eat the greasy Fast Foods and poisonous Soft Drinks coming from the west. According to the Medical research, there are Herbal medicine that can work BETTER THAN Aspirin and other Pharmaceutical Pain Killers. The people in the countryside of India and others of these Eastern countries are using these Herbal medicine as Spice in their food every day. Take one specific one: Curcumin. It is a compound in Turmeric. Curcumin is a very strong Inflammation fighter, and reduces pain.
This is accomplished by suppressing specific substances that are created by the immune system like Cytokines. Cytokines help produce Inflammation. The cause for many different types of pain is - - INFLAMMATION !!! Therefore - - Curcumin help to reduce Inflammation and thus - - pain. Taking Curcumin, and getting the effect of it is not easy. The body does not absorb it very easily. The stomach breaks it down very quickly and sends it out of the body. BUT - - there is a way to get a full effect of it. There is a company marketing a form of Curcumin called "BCM-95". It is very highly Bioavailable. They create that by mixing Curcumin with Turmeric Essential Oils. Medical research show that by taking this mixture (or BCM-95), the Curcumin will be about 10 times more effect, and stay in the blood stream 7 times longer.
OK - - I do it different. I have read in other Naturopatic Doctor Research Papers that there is another substance that will also give the same improved effectiveness. If we take Black Pepper with the Curcumin, it increases the potential Healing effect of Curcumin by many - many - many fold. I am taking Curcumin and a form of crushed Pepper called "Pepperine". I am buying Turmeric Root by the pound at: www.pipingrock.com - - . It is very reasonable. I take that together with the Astragalus for Reversing the Aging Process.
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And of course; Remember this is not medical advice. Check with your health Care professional before you do anything. I am only reporting what I do, and what the major medical journals state.
Please enjoy. I hope this will do some good for you.
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