Jul. 22, 2017






Since the beginning of time, every society on earth has had an elite that for the most have operated above the law, but protected by the law they themselves created for the common man. They conducted their affairs and operated in privacy and total secrecy beyond the reach of the masses through Strawmen, Corporations, Trusts, Foundations, Offshore Entities created for a purpose of secrecy and un-taxable profits, and of course, - - - - attorneys and judges.

Remember Ahmsheld Rothshield in his own words: “Allow me to create a country’s currency, and I care not who makes it’s laws.”


As for the United States, it is about the only country in the world that do not teach it’s own system of economics to it’s young people. Understandably so, if the people found out the truth about economics and how money is created, there would be a revolution by morning.


The Constitution of the United States of America states that the money is supposed to be Gold or Silver. No Constitutional amendment has been passed to change that. It also states that Congress is supposed to create the currency and regulate the value thereof. No Constitutional amendment has been passed to change that either. Still, the people in the United States are using the Federal Reserve Note which is not government money, but issued by a Private, for Profit Bank and loaned to the government of the United States at a rate of interest which the Federal Reserve Bank themselves set. That is what has created the almost eighteen Trillion Dollars worth of Government debt. If the Federal Reserve Bank had not been created, and which the Constitution of the United States of America does not allow for, and the government created it’s own money, there would have been no eighteen Trillion (T) Dollars of government debt and about 600 Billion (B) Dollars of interest payments to the Federal Reserve Bank every year. What could the people of the United States do with an extra $600 Billion to be spent on their behalf every year? The “To gig to fail” banks have grown 37% from 2007 to 2014. It staggers the mind.

After the first term in office in Washington, all politicians understand this Fraud on the American people, but because of the rush of power, perks, and benefits they get, they all look the other way and nothing will change.


The United States government debt has grown from $10 T to $18 T. This is an increase of 80%. If that were to be paid back, it would put an obligation of approximately $ 58,000 on every man woman and child in the United States for the Principal only. This would not cover the interest. Then we have the Private debt. Credit cards, mortgages, business loans, education and private loans. These are very elusive creatures and hard to estimate, but some experts think it is well over 1 Trillion Dollars. It all depends on which expert you talk to. If this is not bad enough, a booklet titled “MODERN MONEY MECHANICS”, issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, explain what happens when you go to the bank to borrow money. This publication was originally written by Dorothy M. Nichols in May 1961 and revised the last time in June 1992 by Anne Marie L. Gonczy. MODERN MONEY MECHANICS, Page 6, right hand column, half way down the page explains what happens when you apply for a loan at the bank: It states: “Of course, they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers transaction accounts.” So, you see what happens here is that when you sign the application for a loan and give it to them, they turn it over and stamp it on the back: “Pay to the order of - - xyz Bank ( their own bank ) - -.” So, again, what they did was to convert your Promissory Note in to a check and cash it. Then they deposit it in to your transaction account for you to use as “money”. I hope you understood this. When you signed the Promissory Note, you created the “money” by your signature, and gave it to the bank so they could give it back to youfor you to spend as “money”. With other words, you gave them the Promissory Note, and the bank gave you nothing in return, and they still want you to pay back the make-believe loan they gave you. In the real world where honor, integrity and law is the standard, this is called Conversion, and it is illegal. In fact, the law defines it as Conversion. Then again, Title 12 USC sec. 1831 states that banks can not loan their own money from their own assets. If you look in UCC 1-201, 3-104 ( 3 ), you will find there is no loan. The loan is funded by your signature on the application. With other words, you funded your own loan, and the bank gave you nothing. In the world of banking, where the higher standards are ignored anything goes, as long as the people do not find out what the bankers are doing. And that is why the United States’ teaching institutions do not teach their young people the fundamental principles of their own system of economics. The establishment does not want a revolution on it’s hands.

Your property, personal belongings and the income of several generations has been pledged as a surety for this debt, and we know the bankers expect to be paid. Hellooooooooooo, are you awake yet? So, now we know where we have been. The question is, where are we going?

Every society that has ever replaced it’s substance based money with paper, has been destroyed because of corruption and debt. Well, folks, what you have just read is only a small fraction of the total problem. Those of you playing the stock market, bond market, trading currency, or have a fat Mutual Fund portfolio need to read the rest.

There is another mostly unregulated Phantom “Under ground” economy some 30 to 50 times bigger then the whole United States economy that is about to crumble, and very few people know that this economy even exists. I am talking about:




It is huge, and the mainstream media very rarely even talk about it. This is the underground economy where the worlds elite and largest financial players conduct their secret transactions worth in to the Trillions of Dollars. These multi Billion Dollar individual daily transactions are never covered in the mainstream newspapers or on the evening news. They should be, because they affect all investments you make in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and even the consumer prices of things you buy.


Since the Derivative Market is exceeding $700 T per year, (Source: Bank of International Settlements ) or 7 times the size of the entire Global Economy. Some financial experts think over 1 Qadrillion Dollars.should it not be discussed a little more in public and understood better by the people it will affect?

This gigantic “underground” world economy holds very few checks and balances. In spite of a few people in competent positions having raised their voices of concerns, Greenspan refuses to let this explosive “cash-cow” be fully regulated as are other securities. In interviews meant for “outwards consumption only” he claims it is safe and good for the economy. When he is speaking to his equals and the people who understand, it is a different story. On November 19, 2002 Greenspan was speaking to the Counsel of Foreign Relations on the subject of Derivatives. He stated that “there is a possibility that the huge losses through Derivative Trades could cause a chain reaction that could result in a Financial Implosion.”

In a speech to a Banker’s Association in May 2000 he admitted: “The rapid growth and importance of Derivative instruments has been a particular concern”.


For example, in 1995 there was a single Derivative Trade, made by one “hot-shot” trader, that went bad and the huge 223 year old Barings Investment Bank went down. This bank helped finance the British empire in the 19th Century and was one of the oldest and most prestigious banks in the world.


Another bad example is the Derivative trading of a single hedge fund; Long- Term Capital Management almost crashed the entire Global Financial System in 1998. This hedge fund was not even known by the general investor public. It would have crashed major world markets if the Federal Reserve Bank had not arranged for an emergency bailout. By the way, you the tax payer paid for it.


For those of us that have no clue what a Derivative is, we could reduce it to a common denominator of some simple comparisons, by which simple minds like mine would be able to understand it. Much in the Futures Market can be based in Derivatives. You may be buying and selling things that has not happened yet or has not been produced yet. With other words, you may be buying a product that does not exist - - - yet. You are taking a gamble that a product will be produced in the future at a specific price. If this product or price does not happen, you lose. The product you are betting on may be; interest rates, diamonds, pork bellies, gold, oil, electricity, a block of stock certificates, foreign currencies, football games and just about anything that may have a perceived value if it happens. By participating in this gambling, you bet that the price of a specific commodity will be at a certain level by a certain date. If the price does not reach the level you bet that it will, you lose by the difference in price. In fact, you could loose a lot more. As an example, you bet the Federal Reserve Note will have dropped to a certain level against the Euro by a certain date. On that date you commit yourself to buy One Million Euro at that predetermined price. In some cases the clearing house require you to put down only 10,000 Euro, (1%) of the total purchase price of One Million Euro. When the due date comes, you will pay the price you committed yourself to in your bet. And of course, now you will pay the additional 990,000 additional Euros. If the Euro was worth a lot less then you guessed it would be on the date of committed purchase, you did a poor trade and lost money. If you can not pay, you are looking at “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy”. Major world class banks are the biggest players in the Derivative Market. In 1997, the biggest players in United States were JP Morgan Bank with in access of $ 43 T, Bank of America: $ 16.5 T, Citigroup: $ 15.5 T. God knows what they are playing with now.Are you banking with one of those? Most of the large National Banks in the United States are holding Derivatives in the amounts from the multi Billions to the Trillions of Dollars. The people in the know in the United States are buying Euros, Gold, Silver and Swiss Franc. In Europe or on the American Continent, Standard & Poor are rating only three countries with a Triple A credit rating. That is Switzerland, Norway, Austria and Denmark. United States is not one of them. Standard & Poor has stated that investments in these countries currencies hold no apparent systemic risk. Warren Buffet are holding about a Billion Dollar worth of Silver. Several Trillion Dollars are leaving the United States every 6 months, and being invested in hard foreign currency, land, Gold, Silver and other assets. Many of the insiders and super wealthy are moving their money out of the United States. So when they are leaving the sinking ship, what will be left. What will be left, will be the debt. United States is drowning in a sea of debt. Most reasonably thinking people knows the accumulated debt can not be paid back ( it is theoretically impossible since the currency to pay interest was never created ) and the debt bobble is so big it will eventually burst. When that happens, we can look at history - - - 1929 - - - only the number are bigger this time.

Jamie Caruana, the general manager of the International Bank of Settlements, which is the Central Bank of the World and the ultimate source of “money” have stated: “We are now more fragile then before the Lehman Brothers collapse. Markets can stay aflote irrationally much longer then they can stay solvent”. At one point there will be a major correction. The “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffet, agrees. He has stated publicly that he expects a major correction at any time. The people deeply imbedded in the financial market have put on blinders and are not heeding the warning signs, which are everywhere, so when it happens (not if) it will be a surprise to everyone except the engineers of the actual event. And as always we can expect it to happen on a Friday, so the engineers have the weekend to mold the mind of the people to accept the profitable solution presented to them.


These are not only my thoughts: Warren Buffet calls the Derivatives: “Financial weapons of mass destruction”. Sir Julian Hodge, Senior Welch Banker said “At some time in the future Derivatives could bring the world’s financial system to it’s knees.”

Updated from an earlier article written by Aage Nost in 2007


Aage Nost, July 15, 2014