Jan. 9, 2018




Senate Document 264 of 1936 explains very clearly that basically all Agricultural Soil is Depleted of the Life Giving Trace Minerals and Regular Minerals - and that was already back in 1936.  Imagine how bad it is now.  Trace Minerals and Regular Minerals are absolutely needed for us to stay healthy and strong, and we are not getting it.  Why do you think half the people (in the USA, Mexico and many other countries at least) over 50 are on 5 to 15 Pharmaceuticals and overweight ?  The food we eat is starving us.  Our body is telling us it needs more nutrients so we eat more and more, but we are getting a lot of volume and little nutrients.  It has been proven scientifically that Vitamins without Minerals are basically useless to the body.  Our Vegetables, grains, eggs, milk, fruit, bread, and all other food COME FROM THE SOIL.  Even we come from the Soil.  If you are a woman, and do not take a Complete Mineral Supplement System which includes all Trace Minerals you are almost sure to end up with Osteoporosis (for some reason men are holding up better with that, but we get it too). Therefore we NEED to take a supplement which has ALL Minerals in it, and it MUST be Organic Plant Minerals.  Not from rock.  We can not eat rock.  Plants eat rock.  I get my Liquid Mineral Supplements from www.pipingrock.com  - -  They are huge, have the best quality and prices.  If you use my Discount Code, you will even have a 10% Discount.  The Code is: AAK6NP.

CLICK BELOW AND READ THE SENATE DOCUMENT.  You will have bigger print and can read better if you go to Full Screen: