Jan. 23, 2018


  FROM NOW ON - - most of the new update of Pictures - Blogs - News Items - Radio Archives - Videos - Photo Gallery will be done on the New Website for the Radio Show, at: http://universal-consciousness-show.com/ - - Consider the new Web Site an extension of this one. There will be Pictures, Blogs and other information put on the New Web Site every day, but also see all the 3,360 + Unbelievable Pictures on this one. The New Web Site is not totally done yet, but has been in the works for so long I have to start using it. Not all of the pictures has been duplicated on the New Web Site. This Web Site will be maintained for your reference and enjoyment. Under Media Archive, you will find the Photo Gallery on the New Web Site. Send me a short message on what you think, and maybe a suggestion on what I can do to improve what we are doing. And than - - you can Click Here, go to the New Web Site, and you are HOME: http://universal-consciousness-show.com/