Feb. 7, 2018



Naaaaaaw, but it was no accident.  Here is what has come to me from behind the curtain.  I do not watch 5 o'clock news.  I am not interested in what kind of "spin" the Lamestream Media put out.  In fact my TVs are not even hooked up so I could receive those channels.  Here is what I get:  Two things happened.  1)  There was some profit taking.  2)  The "Memo" came out, and the "Liberal Left" needed a diversion.  Let me explain #1 first.  I have a friend that used to be a so called "Market Maker" on Wall Street.  He said everything is rigged.  The Stock Market is so high, that there is enormous profits to be had.  If one of the Big "Market Maker" Traders get the call to dump several Billion Dollars of stocks, the market may do a little "dip".  If 50 to 100 Large Traders get the same call - at the same time -  to dump Billions of Dollars in stocks - that will create a 1,100 point drop in the market (or more - or less).  When all these Traders got the call - at the same time - from the "Man behind the curtain", to dump Billions of Dollars of stocks, the stock prices fell, so they go back in to the market and buy up the same stocks they sold, at a greatly reduced price.  The company behind the stocks has not changed, only the value of the stock have changed, so now they hold it and ride the value up again the second time.  And - - they will do it again - and again - and again - in the future.


That brings me to #2.  "The Memo" came out, explaining the High Treason (and who did it) and corruption in the Government, the Elections, and Private Industry money flowing into bureaucrats pockets, so they needed a diversion to take peoples minds off the corruption.  That is why "The man behind the curtain" made the call to the puppet "Market Maker Traders", and told them to dump huge amounts of stock and take the profits.  And of course, than they would blame it on President Trump, because "everyone" knows it is all his fault - because the "Lamestream Media says so.   - - - Get it !!!

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