HERE IS A NASA PRINT of a Pyramid on the Moon. In the upper middle of the picture you can clearly see it. Who are the Pyramid Builders? And - - you do not build Pyramids in Space Suits. THERE IS AIR ON THE MOON. I have been saying for the last several years, that there is an Air pressure similar to about 15,000 to 18,000 feet of altitude on Earth. This is perfectly enough for people to live in. There are people in the Himalayas living at that altitude all their life. If you have been lied to about the conditions on the Moon, what else have you been lied to about? A great strategist and brilliant man said once: "The great mass of people will much easier believe a big lie than a small one". Well, that man was Adolf Hitler. He was right. The German people swallowed all his lies. He also said: "How convenient for Rulers that the people do not think". So - - wake up and DO SOMETHING. If nothing else, start at the ballot box - - providing there will be an election. Vote them all out.