NOT ALL "UFO'S" ARE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL CRAFTS. This one was made by the German Black Sun Association within the German war machine, in or about 1943 - 1944. It is a "Hauneby III". From the picture you can see the size of it. The "Thule Mercury Engine" in it created a Plasma Bobble wherein gravity was neutralized. Everything within the bobble was weightless. From the flight testing papers I have seen, it could travel from the surface to 60,000 feet of altitude in 3 minutes. That is about 10 miles of distance straight up, against gravity, in 3 minutes. I did not run the numbers on this, but did it in my head, and I come to about 200 mph average speed straight up. This Flying Disc is a war machine, with cannons, machine guns and the "Motor stoppel". Die "Motor stoppel" was a directional EMP Gun. When they aimed this gun at any airplane, the engine and the electric system in the airplane shut down, so the airplane crashed. The German war machine made 163 known Flying Discs, and several of them was captured at the end of WWII, by the Russians and the USA. And they have had 70 years to improve on these technologies - - so, yes, there are Flying Saucers out there - - and many of them are terrestrial crafts, made by the Russians and the USA.