YES, THERE "WERE GIANTS in those days". This scull was found in the desert of Iraq. These were even bigger than the Anunnaki, which were only 9 to 12 feet tall.


16.05.2017 18:03


I will almost guarantee I have some pictures on my site that are fake. Too many for not to be. So - we must do our own research. This is not a Scientific site. . It is one of Wonderment and Curiocity

16.05.2017 17:59


I talked to a Military guard that protected a dig like this one. The Iraqi and Soudi Desert are "full" of these. They find them all the time. It is "filtered" for Americans. So - I keep on.

16.05.2017 17:56


It could be a hoax, but I won't take it down just because someone like "Snoops" or anyone say it is. "Snoops" are corrupt, and will say what they are told to say.