I WANT TO HONOR a good friend back in Europe - in Norway. He is most likely the reason I left Norway to follow my dream in the USA. We did a lot together for many years, until I left the country. He was taking flying lessons, and I was able to ride along in the back seat. After two rides, I knew that this was what I wanted to do - - flying. He quit flying, and went into car racing instead. I went to the USA to go to flight school and become a Commercial Pilot and Multi Engine Instrument Flight Instructor - - and later to have my own flight operations business. I will always think of him as the one who opened the door for me, so I could discover what my dream was. I have great gratitude to him for this. In the picture, JORULF AALBERG, is the one in the red jumpsuit - - his driving "uniform". Jorulf is no longer with us. He died from Cancer a few years back. I will always think of him with gratitude and as one of my best friends.
Hei Jorulf, vi vil treffes igjen.