This year, 2015, I spent Thanksgiving at the "Tree of Life Rejuvination Center" in Patagonia Arizona. Dr. Gabriel Cousens is the head of the resort. It was a "Pot Luck" so we all brought something to eat, and shared. The picture enclosed here show one of the tables. At this resort, they only eat Raw natural foods. That is the biggest reason they have such a phenomenal health improvement record. Their specialty is curing, yes - - CURING - - Diabetes, cancers, and other severe illnesses. Their favorite thing to do is to cure Diabetes. people come there and stay for 30 to 60 days, and almost everyone leaves cured. They hardly ever fail, if the people do what they are being told. It involves changing their eating habits and lifestyle. tis way, the people are removing the cause for the illness, not just the symptoms. It is simple.