All evidence points towards that it is. Here is a NASA Print taken by the ESSA 7 Satellite, in a stationary orbit, 32,000 miles above the North Pole, taking a picture straight down at the North Pole. It shows an 800 mile wide opening at the North Pole. This appears to be one of the biggest secrets on Earth. Normally this is not shown, but in this case NASA and the weather computer screwed up and did not slide the ice sheet over the hole to cover it up. The North Pole is restricted Air space. There are only certain routs you can fly in the region. In 1947, Admiral Bird flew North in t the polar region, and found land, forests, rivers in the North Polar region. Check it out for your self.


12.08.2016 03:34

N. Joanne Mathis

it is are correct my friend.